Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Northwest Skåne

Here I will collect all my excursion in northwestern Skåne. More will come.

Albertsgården - coffee house in 1800-century farmhouse in Norra Häljaröd in Kullabygden.
Annelöv stenvalvsbro - is a stone arch bridge over the Saxån south of Annelöv. It was built in 1785, with an arch 16 meters long. At it is a boundary stone, it marks the boundary between Harjager and Onsjö districts.
Arild - Jonstorp - a ten kilometer coastal walk over pastures, along steep cliffs with views, rocky beaches, great swimming, and good food.
Asmundtorps kyrka - In 1895, the old church from the 12th century was demolished. The new church was built in two years. Built of red brick in neo-Gothic style, so-called Eslövsgotik. A cathedral-like building visible from afar.
Borgen - lush and beautiful nature reserve with  gullies in Råån valley at Vallåkra. Borgen got its name from an ancient fort from the Iron Age, from which it still remains an earth embankment.
Brovallabron - just outside Asmundtorp, along road 110, next to the road is a stone arch bridge over Braån. The bridge was built in 1764. Consists of an arch, 20 meters long and 6 meters wide.
Brödåkra gravfält - is located in a forest grove between Sireköpinge and Kågeröd. Among other things, there will be two stone circles and a stone ship. Overgrown, beaten and difficult to find. We found one stone circle.
Bältebergaravinen - Tjutebäcken's ravine northeast of Landskrona in Råån's valley. Geologically valuable and interesting flora and fauna. Classified as a Natura 2000 site.
Citadellet - in Landskrona is a well-preserved fortress from the 16th century. It has also been used as a prison. Is a popular recreation area.
Djupadal - a short valley between the rock and Rönne river east of Röstånga, where the water forms rapids. Rich flora and fauna.
Djurparken i Helsingborg - on a gravel path past e.g. parrots, cockatoos, reptiles, flamingos, lemurs, kangaroos, and small monkeys that steal the cookies from the café guests.
Dunkers kulturhus - in Helsingborg wih exhibtions.
Eneskogen - once stately, but lately it has gone bad. Some of the junipers have been here for over a hundred years. High and dense, you could almost loose your way. Now many are dry and some have fallen.
Fredriksdal - open-air museum in Helsingborg, with gardens, neighborhoods, farms, fields, manor house.
Gantofta dolmen - dolmen from about 3600 BC in a field beside the highway just south of Gantofta. Consists of three boulders supporting a roof blocks.
Glumslöv backar - and Hilleshög valleys north of Landskrona, beautiful views towards Öresund and the isle of Ven.
Glumslöv grave field - at Glumslöv north of Landskrona, with nine burial mounds, two passage graves. The field is located south of the break Milstolpen.
Glumslöv - Råå - A coastal hike Glumslöv - Sundvik - Ålabodarna - Fortuna - Rydebäck - Örby meadows - Råå.
Grevie hills - Nature Reserve on Bjärehalvön with grazed ridges, juniper fields, pastures, small forests. In the spring  Pasqueflower in its western part.
Grå Läge - Helsingborg - a coastal hike Grå Läge - Domsten - Hittarp - Sofiero - Helsingborg.
Grå Läge - Höganäs - a 13-km coastal walk along the beautiful beaches on the trail Kullaleden Grå Läge - Viken - Höganäs.
Gröthögarna - between Torekov and Hov's hallar. A coastline with coastal meadows and shingle fields with a burial field consisting of eight graves from the Bronze Age.
Hallabäcken - is a stream valley on the south slope of the ridge Söderåsen east of the Billesholms. A lush valley with disused quarry.
Hallands Väderö - island and nature reserve off the north-western Skåne, with beautiful scenery and great cultural value.
Havsleden - a coastal hiking trail Landskrona - Ålabodarna - Rydebäck.
Hovs hallar - between Båstad and Torekov is a coastal area with dramatic rock formations and rubble.
Höganäs - Nyhamnsläge - a hike along the coast, on sandy beaches, walking and bike paths, over grass heaths.
Juskushall - is a volcanic rest east of Ljungbyhed, the volcano was probably active 140-190 million years ago. Nowadays, a wooded hill. The top is a plateau, in several places you can see basalt columns.
Jällabjär - located just east of Röstånga. There is a clear hill which is an old volcanic residue, which is eroded down over millions of years to today's modest fifty meters above its surroundings.
Kronoskogen - forest and recreational area at Ängelholm. Forests planted in the 1700s to prevent sand drift. Towards the sea is nice sandy beaches.
Kulla Gunnarstorp - castle and nature reserve north of Helsingborg. On the beach strip below the castle is a tidal coastal environment from 200 million years ago. The castle, built in the mid-1860s, is beautifully situated on the slope towards of Öresund.
Kullaberg - basement horst in the north-west Skåne. Offers hiking, swimming, climbing, and diving. Prospects, caves, dramatic cliffs. The area has a golf course.
Krapperups castle - castle north of Höganäs of medieval origin, including beautiful park, cafe, art gallery, shop and museum.
Källs Nöbbelövs kyrkoruin - a church from the 1100s, which was demolished in 1881 when a new one was built. At the site is not seen anything of the old church, stones mark the place for it. Remains in the cemetery are some old tombstones.
Landborgspromenaden - Landborgen is the result of land rice after the latest ice sheet. Landborgspromenaden is a marked footpath on it and its different environments through Helsingborg, between Raus church and Sofiero castle.
Lunnom - a water-filled quarry north of Ekeby. In search of a 200 million years old warm meal.
Linneaträdgården - at Maria Park in Helsingborg, offering cafe, restaurant, conference, events. Nice environment, close to Pålsjö forest
Mariakyrkan - in Helsingborg. The church began to be built shortly after 1300 and were completed 100 years later.
Mölle fälad - Nyhamnsläge - Lerhamn - Mölle: a Coastal Walk on pastures at Öresund, about 7 km.
Natthall - at Rönneå east of Röstånga. From a rock that is steeply steeped the valley, is a beautiful view.
Norrvikens trädgårdar - west of Båstad. The garden was laid out by Rudolf Abelin in the early 20th century. He planted it in different garden styles.
Ottarp - south of Vallåkra. For over 200 million years ago was the Skåne desert landscape. On hill one can see touch the desert.
Pålsjö skog - forest in the northern part of Helsingborg.
Rya chrurchruin - South of Örkelljunga. The church was built around 1200. Abandoned in 1876. The ruins are used for christening and weddings. Beautifully located.
Råå river valley - is a nature reserve between Gantofta and Råå southeast of Helsingborg. Along the river is a beautiful walking trail.
Råå vallar - Beach. Ramparts built as defence system in 1710's.
Rönneberga backar - hills with views and Bronze Age mounds east of Landskrona.
Saxåns mynning - south of Landskrona, with grazed meadows and rich birdlife. Trespassing is forbidden a part of the year. The area is best viewed from the bird tower.
Battle of Landskrona - North of Billeberga is a monument of the Battle of Landskrona, July 14, 1677. The battle ended in a defeat for the Danes, who retreated to Landskrona.
Grinding grooves in Gantofta - in a ravine in Råå river valley south of Gantofta found on the sandstone walls of a large number of grinding grooves, whose origin is debated. Grinding gears, ancient cult acts, ...?
Skorstensdalen - a valley in Klåveröds recreation area on the ridge Söderåsen, with breathtaking chimney-like rock formation.
Skäralid - a well-known rift in the ridge Söderåsen with the brook Skärån, views, screes and beautiful forest.
Snapphanestallarna - are two high cliffs with a decrease between north of Rössjön. It teaches snapphanar had a hiding place with supplies and horses.
Sofiero castle - just north of Helsingborg. King Gustav VI Adolf's summer residence. Known for its palace garden with rhododendron collection. Exhibitions, events, restaurant.
Sundvik - at the shore near Glumslöv. A brick beach reminiscent of the time when there were a large number of brickyards.
Svalövs gamla kyrka - Opposite north of Svalöv's church is the site of the old church. At the site of the old church is a cemetery with old tombstones, several for the von Linde family, and the foundation of the old church.
Söderåsen - ridge with deep ravines, beautiful forests and national park.
Tomatens hus - northeast of Landskrona. Tomatoes in greenhouses with shop and cafe with homemade food and cakes.
Torrlösa kyrkoruin - with the Thottska tomb. There was buried Sophie Brahe, Tycho Brahe's sister and co-workers. When the new church was built, the old church was demolished besides the tomb. About twenty years later the tomb was demolished and the corpses was buried somewhere.
Utvälinge - Jonstorp - a hike along the coast, through cow and sheep pastures, past the bird sanctuary Rönnen, suspension bridge over Görslövsån.
Vallåkra: dinosauriefotspår - For about 200 million years ago passed a flock dinosaurs Vallåkra. In the 1970s, one found the footprints. In the entrance to the Department of Geology in Lund can a footprint be seen.
Wallåkra stenkärlsfabrik - at Råån valley in Vallåkra with lineage from 1864. Stoneware produced in the traditional way with an oven. Store.
Vegeåleden - is a beautiful hiking trail along the river Vege å between Strövelstorp and Utvälinge.
Ven - the bike-friendly island in the middle of Öresund. Tycho Brahe had on the island between 1576 and 1597 an observatory.
Viken - old fishing village with medieval origin and medieval street layout, the old houses at the port area are mostly 1800's.
Viken, grinding grooves - sandstone rock with large number of grinding grooves. The origin is controversial: the farmers have in recent times grinded their tools, or maybe in the Stone Age it was used to grind stone tools.
Ålabodarna - a coastal hike at Öresund Glumslöv - Sundvik - Ålabodarna - Glumslöv.
Ålabodarna - Fortuna - a coastal walk on the shore below a steep slope. Back on a path above the steep slope.
Örenäs gånggrift - at Ålabodarna. Crawling into a more than 5000 years old tomb, a passage grave with a burial chamber. The chmaber has eleven stone blocks as walls and three roof blocks.
Örenäs castle - castle at Glumslöv and the coast of Öresund. Hotel, restaurant, conferences. Situated at the former fishing village Ålabodarna, with a view towards Öresund.



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