Wallåkra stenkärlsfabrik
at Råån valley in Vallåkra with lineage from 1864. Stoneware produced in the traditional way with a kiln. Store.

April 14, 2017
Takes the train to Vallåkra. Hare is in its place. Walk to the stoneware factory. Full in the restaurant. Booking table at 13.00. Half an hour to walk around in the factory. The oven has recently been opened. Still hot. Looking for a candle holder. There's only a low in there. Instead, takes a middle from a previous burn. Lunch on the restaurant: nettle soup, corn chicken and beer. Then walk to Borgen Nature Reserve .

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July 30, 2011: Saturday Lunch at Wallåkra stoneware factory.
Drive to Wallåkra stoneware factory in Vallåkra. Stop on the way there to buy tomatoes in the tomato house 'Tomatens hus'  just outside Vallåkra. It's lunchtime and the Saturday lunch should be consumed at the restaurant at the stoneware factory.

Salad Serrano ham, mozzarella, melon, quinoa, and basilcream for 89 kronor.
Can not resist the dessert:
Milk chocolate mousse with mango, passion fruit, and pistagecrunch for 75 kronor.
Why are deserts relatively expensive?

Sitting outdoor. The stair out seems made of residues from ceramic. The stream gurgles happily in under the restaurant. There is a preparation for tonight's barbecue. Served by a young nice girl. Taste good, which is measured by the well-being, good environment. Goes into the factory. The kiln is being filled for the next burning of the ceramics. In the factory is also an exhibition of paintings by Bertil Kaa Hedberg. Talking for a while with always nice Åsa. Am allowed to take trays used to stack the pots in the kiln, they are not reusable, good to have at home to set pots on. Drive to Ålabodarna to see the sea. At Öresund rain showers pass by.

22 November 2009: Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik, they still produce the old classical stoneware, and the nature reserve Borgen.
Train to Vallåkra where GS with dog is waiting. We walk in light rain Tallstigen to  Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik which is situated a creek. Outside the shop is a wagon decorated with pumpkins. Stoneware Figures gaze down from a window. In the restaurant, the former warehouse building with the creek below, is serving the today's guests. We enter into the store. The kiln is opened, it is still warm. We can enter the kiln, there is not much space because it is filled with ceramics. I walk around the kiln. In one corner is a pile of coal, the fuel for the kiln. The kiln is newly renovated, the original from the 1860s was in a bad state. There hang a diploma of a cultural achievement for the work. On the first floor is the workshop. Here are ceramics waiting for the next firing.

We go out and follow the path along the stream, fallen trees lies across the stream. We continue nnder the railway, to the bridge over the river Råån. Despite the weather is it beautiful. We sit down on a bench by the river and eat your own packed lunch. Then we follow a slippery path that climbs up on a plateau. An earth embankment may be a remnant of an ancient castle that existed here. Returning to the store, I buy a Salt Cellar with wooden spoon. Train home.

Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik