Höganäs - Nyhamnsläge
a hike along the coast, on sandy beaches, walking and bike paths, over grass heaths.

September 8, 2013: Höganäs - Nyhamnsläge
Höganäs town hall, here I go off the bus. It is a fine late summer day. Two danes have gone earlier, two women continue with the bus to Mölle. They will also be out and walk. I go to the port where Skåneleden/Kulla trail goes north on a gravel path. 6.1 km to Nyhamnsläge according to an orientation sign on the trail. It's my way point for the day.

The marina has a restaurant "Briggen", open at 12, I'm too early. Trail marks are on a fence against the Customs House, I do not see them to begin with, so I 'll take the road behind the fence. Crossing a road and onto a gravel path along the sea. The shore is covered with large boulders. Against the land side is a treatment plant, then industries. Kullen appears in the north on the horizon. It is located there throughout the walk. The path becomes paved, leaving it to go on the beach.

Pebbles and plants I do not know. Long stretches with blown ashore seaweed. It is becoming more and more of sandy beach. A flock of seagulls fly over the water. Stones are laid up like teeth in a lower jaw. I follow footprints in the water. The wind is weak, small waves lapping against the shore. Before Strandbaden is a green area, the trail follows a bike path. I'm taking break on a fortress eating half of my lunch. Adjacent is a parking area with toilet. The sun is shining, the sea sparkles, nice walking weather, in all, a lovely day. I do not care the trail marks and has the sea as my trail markings.

Jump over a narrow creek. A rust-colored remarkable stone sticking up like a sperm whale head out of the sand. It is empty of people on the beach, but here, I meet three horses galloping in the water. On the back they each have a young woman. Continue on the beach, with Kullen as usual ahead. At Strandbaden I get up on a bike trail, the trail continues on the path of grass heath. The sandy beach is deserted, the edge is covered with seaweed. Towards land is a pine forest, a pointer pointing to a shelter located in the shelter of the woods. There are a shelter, bench and table with a roof over, snuggle on a rainy day.

After Strandbaden is a nature reserve, towards sea stands an tongue. The trail goes on the trail over the moor. I make a detour on the tongue. Spring and summer, you should avoid it, but now the birds safely nested completely. It's a bit awkward with pebbles and vegetation. A tongue protruding from the tongue. Studying bird life, much Cormorant. The rare Sea-holly should grow here, but I see no one that I think is similar. Leaving the tongue after a short lunch break and continues on the beach to the north.

Sea rocket bloom. The weather, the beach, the water, everything invites you to a bath. Wonderfully refreshing. Have to go out a bit because it is shallow. Wiper me and move on, initially barefoot with shoes in hand. Jump over a creek, the trail goes over a bridge. Passes alternately on the beach and the trail that runs on a wide path across grass heath. Against the country is a pine grove, in the south glistening sunbeams in the sea, in north Kullen as usual. A jetty going into the water. At the far end is a staircase down into the water, looks fairly deep there. Abstain, I already had a bath.

In Nyhamnsläge is the gravel path. Laundry hanging to dry. At the marina is waffle coffee and ice cream kiosk closed, probably for the season. Rest for a while, then walk through the village to the bus stop.