Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Söderåsen

Söderåsen national park is located in the southeastern part of the ridge Söderåsen, just north of Röstånga. The main entrance to the park is at Skäralid, where there is a Naturum and restaurant at the pond Skärdammen. Around the pond is a path suited for wheelchairs. At Skäralid is a spectacular valley with steep slopes with stones. In the center of the valley is Skärån. Deciduous forest is domminating, e.g. beech forest. At several places are excellent views, e.g. Kopparhatten and Hjortsprånget. The parts close the pond have good tracks for walking, further up where valley split do the tracks become more difficult. Towards northwest is the valley with the brook Dejebäcken. At Liagården is a shelter and an unstaffed hut where one can stay overnight. The trail Skåneleden pass through the park. At Röstånga is the mysterious lake Odensjön. Between Röstånga and Skäralid is a good view at Uggleröd. There are many myths about the places, and there are several traces of human activities from the old days. Höjehall is the second highest point in Skåne, the highest is also on Söderåsen. On Höjehall is a watchtower. Skorstensdalen (Chimneyvalley) has got the name from the chimneylike rock. A narrow gravel road goes through the wild valley Vargadalen. Svartesjö is beautiful small pond. One of the shelters on Skåneleden is at the pond. In the constructed pond Tagmaden, also called Dammen (the Pond), can one fish. A fishing license is needed.

At Rallate one km south of Skäralid is the remnants of a volcano. The volcano has been completely eroded away, what is left is the lava that when it stiffened burst into jagged pieces.

Finstorp is a recreational area north of Kågeröd, e.g. with a fishing pond (Fiskdammen) and a bird-watching tower.

The highest point in Skåne is on Söderåsen west of Magleröds gård.

Höjehall on Söderåsen is one of Skåne's highest natural places. An observation tower provides a nearly 360 degree views.

Klöva hallar is a valley in the north side of Söderåsen, not as known as Skäralid but equally fascinating and beautiful.

Nackarpsdalen is a valley north of Röstånga. In an cul-de-sac is the deep circular lake Odensjön with steep sides.

Skorstensdalen a valley in Klåveröds recreation area on the ridge Söderåsen, with breathtaking chimney-like rock formation.

Snuvestuan steep cliffs of seemingly stacked boulders and a small cave in which at a distance the fair Skogssnuvan (the siren of the woods) lives. She can distort the minds of young men.

Svartesjö is one of few natural lakes Söderåsen. Small lake, pond, in Klåveröds recreation area. Beautifully situated in the forest. At the lake there Skåneleden shelters.

Traneröd bog in Klåveröd recreation area on Söderåsen is an almost untouched bog.

Vargadalen dramatic valley with scree on Söderåsen. Easy walk through the valley. Here is it said the last wolves in Skåne lived in the 1830s. Maybe they're on their way back?

That the land has been used is shown by the farm and cottage ruins that can be found, e.g. Magleröd nr 16, Gamla Maglerödsgårdarna, Trulsatorpet, and Magnus 'långemagnus' Åkessons gård (information signs).



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