is one of few natural lakes Söderåsen. Small lake, pond, in Klåveröds recreation area. Beautifully situated in the forest. At the lake there is a Skåneleden shelter.

September 29, 2013
Fetch a friend that comes with the train to Teckomatorp. At the station is a plate sculpture of a cow. Drive to Klåveröds recreation area and park at the fish pond, Klåverödsdammen. Autumn colors are coloring nature. Go the forest road to Svartesjö, the pretty little pond where Skåneleden have a shelter. It is full with Danes hiking, this is their next door "wilderness".

It is long since I was at Svartesjö, a happy reunion. That time, I passed on a skåneled hike. There are some people around. Go down the slope to the lake. Rather wet at the edge. Not trying to go around it, maybe it is possible. Do not know. Lily leaf cover the glassy surface of the water. Going up again. Looking at the shelter. Looks fine. Part of the rim down to the pond is a scree, rather steeply down right there. At the edge is a bench, but the view of the lake is limited. Walk back along the track to walk to Traneröd bog.