a well-known rift in the ridge Söderåsen with the brook Skärån, views, screes and beautiful forest.

October 15, 2020
It's starting to get autumn colors. We drive to Skäralid. It's always nice there. Almost full in the parking lot. It is a Danish autumn holiday, almost all cars are Danish signed. We start with a coffee in the restaurant. Will probably be the last for it is to be closed, the county administrative board wants to use the whole house for its Naturum. Much of the charm of Skäralid will disappear, you want to be able to eat a piece here. The sun is shining, we are sitting outside. A little cold, but the corona does not allow coffee inside. Goes on to Kopparhatten. Many Danes, especially on the platform at Kopparhatten. We walk Offavägen down into the valley. A sign urges people not to build cairns. Make a small excursion up a steep slope, do not build a cairn. It is a nice walk along the river, which is mirror-bright. A heron keeps us under surveillance. Meets many Danes. Is back at the pond.

September 29, 2019
It is becoming autumn colors. We drive to Skäralid. It's always nice there. Overcast, but no rain. Many cars in the parking lot. It will be a short trip today. Takes the stairs up to the path to Copper Hat "Kopparhatten". Stops at all views of the gorge. On the other side of the gorge, people are out on the cliff "Hjortsprånget". Looks like a small child is with them. Many Danes here. We take it easy. Many walk with dogs. It is only one kilometer to the Copper Hat. We are soon there despite the slow pace. Nice view as usual. Several standing on the terrace. We try to take a selfie. Does not work out. A woman offers to take a picture of us. On the terrace are two dogs quarreling. We go back, so does our photographer. There is a buffet in the restaurant. Looks nice, but is too much today. The alternative is mushroom soup, let it be that. Creamy and very mushroomy. Good. Drink Gyegården's apple juice. It starts to rain when we drive home. Stops at Emmaus flea south of Ask.

October 29, 2017
Nice weather. Sunday. Drive to Skäralid. More who did the same thing. The parking lot is full. Goes north side of the pond. Upstream along the river. Beautiful autumn colors. Passes screes and steep cliffs. Much water in the river. Rapids in a few places. Wet on the path. Sometimes boardwalks. In one place the boardwalk is underwater. People cross between solid land. Long leaf decorated boardwalk.

Takes the Offaväggen up to the Copper Hat - Kopparhatten. Nice moss. Blueberry sticks. From the hat is as usual a nice view. Many have a coffee with them. The parking lot along the road is full. Through autumn beech forest to the stairs down to the restaurant by the pond.

Drive to Röstånga to have lunch at Nya Stationen. Have only brunch, a kind of English breakfast. Not good. A little interesting decor.

May 29, 2017
With the job. After an interesting guided tour of the closed nuclear power plant in Barsebäckshamn, we drive to Skäralid for lunch and a short walk. Going up to Kopparhatten, then Offaroad down the valley. On the scree when you descend into the valley, someone has built cairns. It's lush. Do not see any traces of the recent fire beneath Kopparhatten. Walk under rocks and screes. along the river back to the Skärdammen. In the dam swim swans.

July 16, 2011: What to show in Skåne for a Dutch couple? From a flat country. Some mountain? They have a proposal, Skäralid. Drive there. Walk the short track, up the steep stairs. They are young and walk easily up, the old manage to keep up. Through the beech forest, past the view 'Rårödspågen'. It drops steeply. Rårödspågen was according to the legend a boy who fell down right here. Where the body hit the ground ran a spring up. We admire the view from Kopparhatten, go Offavägen down to Skärån, where coffee/tea is taken. Walk back to Skärdammen along the river, much boarded. Passes the spring, who ran up after Rårödspågen, the water is drinkable. Do not know if my Dutch visitors are so impressed, he is a devoted Sarek Walker. The comparison is not in favour av Skäralid.

25 July 2010: Bus to Skäralid at Söderåsen National Park. Viewing Visitor Centre where there is are exhibitions about nature in the national park and beautiful tree pictures. At the pond Skärdammen are people thinking about where to walk. We walk the 'steep' staircase up to the northern side of the valley. Enjoying as usual the soft green beech forest. Continuing along the edge of the canyon's steep side. The most famous place is probably Kopparhatten. The place can be reached by car. A ramp makes the view available to wheelchair users. It is a view worth seeing. Walk Offavägen down to the brook Skärån at the bottom of valley. Screes line the valley. Eats the prepared lunch, partying it up with some wine. Continue on the blue trail along the river to Korsskär. The trail is bumpy, cross the river on a bridge, first boardwalks then a rocky path along the screes. Change sides again to fight up to Liagården, with cabin, shelter, outdoor pump, and fireplace. You can stay in the cottage, there are bunks but no mattresses or blankets as far as I can see. Returning on the blue track towards Skäralid along the south side of the valley, a trail, dirt road, path. There are some nice view points, the most well-known is the breathtaking cliff ledge Hjortsprånget. The path continue steeply down back to Skärdammen. Take a beer and halloncanapé in the restaurant while waiting for the bus.

Skäralid restaurant