a valley in Klåveröds recreation area on the ridge Söderåsen, with breathtaking chimney-like rock formation.

October 5, 2020:
Drive the gravel road down to Dammen. Puts the car in the parking lot before the pond. There is a small cottage, toilet and barbecue area. The trail known as Skorstensdalen (3.6 km) has been extended since last, so it starts here and goes first around Lake Dammen. First north on a soft path through spruce forest. Then the eastern side follows through deciduous forest. Here follows the path Skåneleden. Goes down to the lake shore, a couple does the same thing. Here nice grass grows by the lake shore. On the south side of the lake is a shelter. Autumn is approaching, the colors are starting to appear. Walks on the forest road to the path through Skortensdalen. Along the road a lot of mushrooms.

A signpost "Skortensdalen" (chimney valley) points to the path through the valley. Inside, rock formations await. The name comes from a formation, a rock in the shape of a chimney, a stone pillar. A pillar of hard rock that has not weathered as easily as the surroundings. Difficult to get straight up, instead going up the slope further ahead. Up there you get a nice view of the valley and the chimney. The chimney valley sounds like there are lots of chimneys, but as far as I know there is only this one.

Cross a clear-cut back to the path. Walks along a stone fence and into deciduous forest. My old map is not current, the track now goes a larger round, we turn off onto the yellow track past the ruin of Hjältahuset. Nice wide path, the light plays among the tree trunks. Come back to Dammen. Sits us next to the water north of the pond and eats our lunch.

April 29, 2012: A dirt road leads down to the pond in Klåveröds recreation area. It ends at the parking lot at the pond. Walk the road west along the pond. Comes to a picnic area. Gere one once a year build and demonstrate how a charcoal kiln works. Follows Skåneleden the Chimney Valley (Skorstensdalen) . A good path through a short valley with cliffs and steep slopes. The name has it by the chimney-like free-standing rock that stands in the valley. The less hard rock that surrounded it have eroded away over time. I am no mountain climber, so I clamber up the slope behind to see if one can jump to it. No, I would not dare, far too long and high. Go down further up the valley where it is not so steep. It is a pretty wild landscape to be in Skåne, with rocks and small valleys. Continue on the path through the woods, where the beech leaves have begun to show up. A babbling brook invites to a break. Adjacent to the stream do Wood-sorrel bloom. Then follow the red track past the ruins of a cottage and back to the pond.

Along the way to Stenestad opened last year Klåveröds hostel and cafe. Stop for a coffee. It is a renovated farm, it is fresh and nice, with a nice hostess. A cup of tea, blueberry muffins, and a look at the pretty pictures in books about Söderåsen.