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Excursions in northeast Skåne, the municipalities:
Bromölla, Hässleholm, Kristianstad, Osby, Östra Göinge.

Alslingan - trail at western Finjasjön through one of Skåne's most largest area of wet alder forests. A 1.6 km long boardwalk through what sometimes is called Europe's rainforest.
Aosehus - in Åhus. The ruin of a castle probably built before the 1150th. Strategically located where Helge river once flowed into the sea. It was destroyed in 1569.
Biskopskällaren - is a basement on the island Ivö in lake Ivösjön. The basement is what remains after a larger building that Archbishop Andreas Sunesson spent his last years in the 1220s.
Bäckaskogs castle - is located on the strip of land between Oppmannasjön and Ivösjön. Laid out in the 1200s as premonstraten monestarry. Royal summertime in the 1800s. Today tourist destination, conferences, hotel.
Finja church - from the 1130's. Known for its murals from around 1140.
Forsakar - In a 40 meter deep, narrow canyon is a brook with two waterfalls, the first and highest one is about 10 meters high. This is the most wellknown waterfall in Skåne.
Frännarp rock carving - west of Knislinge. Unusual rock carvings with many carriages drawn by horses.
Hammarmölledamm - dam in Hovdalaån south of Finjasjön. Surrounded by beautiful forests. From the dam, the water is in a culvert for a power plant, but some can play freely in the creek.
Heliga Trefaldighetskyrkan - in Kristianstad was commissioned by the Danish King Christian IV, and was consecrated in 1628. A Renaissance cathedral with light and space, conceived as cathedral.
Hembygdsparken in Hässleholm - Consists of museum, coffee house, ponds, playground, stage, a number of old buildings have over the years been moved there. On a hill stands a mill from Öland. In the park has been built up copies of ancient tombs.
Hovdala castle - A castle with memories from snapphanar (guerilla soldier in the 17th century) and a recreational area south of the lake Finjasjön.
Häglinge gravfält - ust north of Häglinge beside the road to Sösdala. Grave field from the second half of the Iron Age, about 500-900 AD. Remains of two stone ships and numerous standing stones.
Hässleholm kulturhus - tourist information, library, restaurant, cinema, premises, exhibitions.
Hässleholms museum - shows Hässleholm as transportation junction and garrison town. A large collection of military vehicles. A railway model as it was in the 1960s.
Höge väg - by Maltesholm castle on Linderödsåsen northern slope, is an amazing kilometer long road of stone. Took 50 years to build around 1800.
Ivö klack - on the north Ivö is 133 meters above sea level. In a disbanded quarry one can find fossils.
Ivö church - from the beginning of the 1200s, with wall paintings and a well where the water can become wine.
Julmarknad 2010 - household's Society annual Christmas Fair 'Skånejul' on Hässleholmsgården, the manor that has given its name to the town of Hässleholm.
Jungfruslingan - is a hiking trail southwest Nävlinge past the waterfall Maiden Fall (Jungfrufallet) and the Maiden stone (Jungfrustenen) which is a large split boulder. Named after a legend about a fleeing maiden.
Klackabacken - hiking trail west of Vä. Past ancient monuments and the defense facility Skepparslöv redoubts. These earthworks were built in 1678 during the Scanian War. Beautiful scenery.
Liarumsängen - at Liarum situated just northeast of Linderöd. This is a beautiful meadow in spring flaunts and then is worth a botanical visit.
Lillö ruin - once a great fortress in the wetlands at Helgeå west of Kristianstad. The Swedes destroyed the castle after that Skåne became Swedish 1658.
Linnérundan - walk through the wetlands at Helgeå west of Kristianstad, past the bird-rich meadows, the medieval castle ruins Lillö, Härlövsborg, deciduous forest with ponds.
Lowest point - in Sweden is 2.41 meters below sea level and is located in a grove of trees in Kristianstad. Here is information about the history and measuring posture showing the sea level.
Magle våtmark - in Hässleholm with landscaped treatment ponds, recreational area for people and bird-rich.
Mala stones - Iron Age burial ground situated on an oak-covered height at Mala north of Hässleholm.
With T4 in Vienna - about a shipment of supplies to Vienna after World War II.
Mölleröds slottsruin - the castle at Finjasjön was built around 1580 and was burned by the Danes and snapphanar during the Scanian War 1678. Today are remains of the wall and a moat.
Naturum, Vattenriket - Visitor Centres wetlands (Naturum Vattenriket) 'an exhibition full of experiences', on what to see in the wetlands at Kristianstad.
Pulken - nature reserve with meadows one kilometer west of Yngsjö. Rest here thousands of cranes in late March/early April. The cranes can be observed from an observation tower.
Regional museum - in Kristianstad with arthall, shop, café.
Skeingeborg - (Skeviaborg) is an octagonal castle ruins from the 1100s on an islet in Skeingesjön west of Osby. On the site is a meter high remains of the octagonal wall.
Slingra dig - an architect designed bird watching tower at Almaån inflow at Mölleröd at northern Finjasjön.
Tivoliparken - is nice park south of the railway station in Kristianstad, with a prom along the river Helge å.
Ugnsmunnarna - on Ivö. A dozen meters from the beach rises a few meter high steep of rock from the Cretaceous period about 100 million years ago. Along the precipice you can search for fossils.
Verumsgården - Kafé Verum, Hässleholms IF's cafe in Hässleholm, where the interior can be purchased.
Vittsjöborg - on the isthmus between Pickelsjön and Mellomsjön in Vittsjö. Here was a castle in the 1300s that was destroyed by fire, probably during an attack. What remains are some hills.
Vittsjö skans - memorial stone of Gustavus Adolphus near death experience 1612. A Danish fortification during the Kalmar War 1611-13. Highly situated between two lakes and a river.
Vätteryd grave field - with stone ships from the late Iron Age situated on Highway 23 south of Sösdala.
Wanås konst - in the park to Wanås Castle. It displays contemporary art, every year invited artists create art in the park.
Åbjär - is a deciduous forest area with a ravine on Linderödsåsens northern slope.
Åhus - about a walk past St. Anne's Chapel, remains of monastery wall, Aosehus, Kungsstugan, the church, the museum, and food.
Åhus church - St. Mary's Church with the oldest parts dating from the 1100s, later extended, stands as a memory of Ahus heydays. In the churchyard is a remarkable tombstone.



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