Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Verumsgården

Kafé Verum, Hässleholms IF's cafe in Hässleholm, where the interior can be purchased.

6 June 2010: In the former T4's regimental museum at Vankivavägen, Verumsgården, runs Hässleholms IF the Kafé Verum. Verumsgården is a red cottage with white trim at Vankivavägen. "Coffee first, then purchase" is it written. The interior is for sale. For me: Look first, then coffee. Vinyl records: Hola Bandoola Band, Frank Sinatra, Towa Carson etc ....Transistor radio, furniture, clothes. Basket with the cartoon character of Captain Miki. There is a fireplace in case of chilly weather, outside the house is a woodpile. Not necessary today, it is a warm and sunny day. Buying pineapple pie, and something with red (raspberry?) on, and coffee. Sitting outside. Pleasant. My father, who worked at T4, had his office in another red cottage. Trying to find it, I have not been here since the regiment T4 was discontinued. Just find one other red house , and it is not that, so it is probably not more. It was probably where the newspaper Norra Skåne has built it's printing press.

Walk among the barracks on the other side of Vankivavägen, once the main regiment area. In the gymnasium we played badminton a lot. On the way home I drive to the sports ground Göingevallen. It has been made into a facility for athletics for the club HAIS. HIF played here in its heyday in the 1960's, and HAIS arranged athletics galas with many big stars. Long time ago. It looks ok today.

Kafé Verum
Hässleholms IF