on the isthmus between Pickelsjön and Mellomsjön in Vittsjö. Here was a castle in the 1300s that was destroyed by fire, probably during an attack. What remains are some hills.

August 19, 2016
Drive onto Västanvägen in Vittsjö. Then almost directly into Snapphanevägen. Where the road turns 90 degrees is a small parking. From the car park is a path on the cape between the lakes Mellomsjön and Pickelsjön. At the tip of the cape was a fortification system, Vittsjö fortress, in the 1300s. Probably it was been burned in an attack. Maybe in 1360 when Valdemar Atterdag regained Scania. Findings suggest that.

It's a nice walk through the forest on the cape. Passing gnarled pine trees and mountain ash. The remains of the castle are some hills. On them were residential buildings, a smithy were also available. A today overgrown moat . Out in the water were piles to prevent attacks from sea. Should still be visible. Very lush here, everything is hard to see. Why a fortress here? One has found traces of iron production. Deliveries of iron, stronghold ...? It was troubled times. Going down to the water from the higher hill. Lush shore. At the lower hill is a barbecue. Walking back.