Häglinge gravfält
just north of Häglinge beside the road to Sösdala. Grave field from the second half of the Iron Age, about 500-900 AD. Remains of two stone ships and numerous standing stones.

September 3, 2011: North of Häglinge along the road to Sösdala is the grave field in an oak grove. At the grove is a small car park and information board. A stile leads into the grove, a path is spreading out into the grove. The field consists of some damaged stone ships, a stone circle (which I do not find), and a large number of standing stones. It's pretty hard to see the stone ships, some stones may be suspected is the bow stone, including a high narrow stone, standing at a stall in one corner of the grove. Probably sometimes sheeps graze here. At the edge is a hollow way, an old path, pressed by many feet and hooves. Wander around the stones and oaks. In the middle is a lone beech. The stones are artistically decorated with moss/lichen. In a large stone, a coin inserted in a crevice. Modern coin. Sitting down with a cup of coffee before I go on.