Åhus kyrka
St. Mary's Church with the oldest parts dating from the 1100s, later extended, stands as a memory of Ahus heydays. In the churchyard is a remarkable tombstone.

August 13, 2013
The stately St. Mary's Church in Åhus is located at Torget (Market Square). The original parts are from the latter half of the 1100s. Outside the church is a remarkable tombstone, with father mother and two daughters. The mother was 82 and 95 years old when she got the kids. Quite unusual high age for childbearing. There comes a heavy shower. Goes into the porch. Light a candle in the light carrirer which is standing there. A enter the church through a beautiful trefoil shaped portal.

Strolling around the church to organ music. The cantor practice. The church has had frescoes, at some places has it been restored. On the north wall is the first Christian martyr, Stephen. In the ceiling of the chancel appears Christ as the world judge. Beneath the painting is a magnificent altarpiece from 1636. On it is a painting of the communion. Equally richly sculpted, including with the evangelists, is the pulpit from the beginning of the 1600s. Over the font from the 1100's hangs a canopy in the style of the pulpit.

On a 1400-century altarpiece, probably made in northern Germany, is the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. In the vault hangs a key with a history. At the reformation churches were cleared from the pictures. As a protest got an old woman a key to the church and sprinkled animal blood on the pictures, it would look as if they were crying blood. It was unveiled and the key hangs since in the vault. Åhus was a significant port town, and of course, the Church has a votive ship. It has stopped raining. Continuing my tour in Åhus.