Frännarp rock carving
west of Knislinge. Unusual rock carvings with many carriages drawn by horses.

July 9, 2016
Why not combine the art of Wanås castle with older art, rock carvings in Frännarp. From Wanås castle is a narrow road north to Gryt. Just west of Gryt is a reference "Hällristningar" (Rock carvings) south on a dirt road. Follow signs onto a narrower road. Sets the car in an open space at a the turn to on an even narrower road. Next door is a house. "Kulturminne" (Heritage)points a sign right out on the field nextby. Ask a man who beats the grass next to the house on the road. Yes, it is the narrow road "Kulturminne". The road looks bad to drive on. Just 500 meters there, walk.

The road is lined with blackberries and Lady's Bedstraw. Passing Frännarp farm. Looks nice but uninhabited. In the courtyard stands a guardian tree. "Kulturminne" is the road to a parking. At the car park is a ramp, good accessibility. At the end is a platform in front of a stone slab with a variety of rock carvings.

If they were not painted would it be difficult to see. Rock carvings from the Bronze Age 1800-500 BC. Wagons with wheels, drawn by horses. Cross rings, snakes, cup marks. The carvings, with all the wagons, are unusual in Sweden. Fascinating, an ancient artwork. In class with the modern art at Wanås Castle. Just as difficult to interpret as the craving's symbols. Why were they carved? Often explained by religion and cult.