a nature reserve with meadows one kilometer west of Yngsjö. Rest here thousands of cranes in late March/early April. The cranes can be observed from an observation tower.

April 4, 2019
Coming from Ă…hus. It will be up to ten thousand cranes this year at the Pulken. It's Thursday, so the number of people is not that big. But more cranes. Plenty of space in the parking lot. Walk the to the view tower, which is quite empty. According to the guide in place, there are about 8000 cranes today out in the fields. You can borrow a spotting scope, but today I have a my own good binoculars. Beautiful weather, a bit windy. Most cranes eat and eat. It has been said that this week also the will be fed. Some flies, occasionally make attempts to dance. Many begin to move out into the water. An annual spectacle, this year more than usual. On weekends, it is full of spectators. Stand and enjoy the spectacle, a little boring after an hour or so, we drive and drink coffee.

March 30, 2014
Just west of Yngsjö is the outdoor museum Pulken. This time of year rest here thousands of cranes in the fields. To prevent the cranes eat up the crops they are fed in a field. "Crane Feed Pulken" it says on a sign at the parking lot. There are a lot of cars in the parking lot this Sunday morning. Many visitors have set up their telescopes at the car park.

From the car park is a gravel walking the short distance to the observation tower. The tower is accessibility adapted with parking and a ramp up in the tower. Yesterday was just over 4,000 cranes here, today more than 2000. The tower is full of watchers, many stands below. Mixed real-watchers and us normal interested. It seems to be a Danish excursion, many who speak Danish. Fine cameras and binoculars, as well as mobile phones.

Out in the field, away from the people, goes the cranes. Some have spring feelings and are dancing. Others take a flight, a part of them a above the tower. The trumpets sound. A guide tell you, you get to see through a telescope. The guide sell pins in the shape of a crane, the money goes to feeding. SEK 20 each. It is worth it. The sun is shining, spring in the air, the cranes entertain, guide and telescope watching. The morning is coming to an end. Drive on towards the goal for the day Åbjär. Pulken was spontaneous, next time I'll take a good telephoto lens.