in Åhus. The ruin of a castle probably built before the 1150th. Strategically located where Helge river once flowed into the sea. It was destroyed in 1569.

August 13, 2013
I have taken the bus to Åhus and is strolling along the quay to one of Helge ridge arms. At the east towards an industrial estate is situated the castle ruin Aosehus. Probably built in the 1100s by order of Archbishop Eskil. It was strategically at the mouth of the River Helge, for defense and to take up duty. Duke Charles occupied 1569 Ahus and razed the castle.

A few years ago were archaeological investigations. They found pieces of coal that were attempted to determine the age with the C14 method. They point the castle to be built in the early 1100s. One also got a different idea of the size of the castle than before.

It was much larger than what is seen today. Probably there was a city wall and moat , and several floors. I go through something that was a door. Down into something that could have been a great hall with the foundation of pillars remain. In one corner was a tower. Looking into a dark room where the tower stood. Goes up on the wall. From there one has a nice view towards the pier and over the ruin. Looking down into something that was the toilet. Go down and around the ruin. In embrasures can one see how thick the wall was. These stones would have much to tell. On one wall is graffiti. On my last visit in 2008 was far more graffiti. Emerged from the toilet creeps a child.

North of the ruin is a hill, from the hill you can see the castle ruins. On the hill is believed that it was a defense tower, of this nothing is visible. Just a flat surface. Leaving the ruins for lunch at a boat restaurant at the quay.