Lägsta punkten
in Sweden is 2.41 meters below sea level and is located in a grove of trees in Kristianstad. Here is information about the history and measuring posture showing the sea level.

June 22, 2013: Sitting on Skåneexpressen 1 to Kristianstad. The bus passes a roundabout with jet of water. I get off the bus at Sj√∂cronas gata and goes back to the roundabout with the water jets. There is a road to east signposted "lowest point" (lägsta punkten). I follow the road signs with the "lowest point" leading me on. Passing a turning place with a parking sign for buses. Is there such a tourist attraction? The place is in a book "Dreary attraction" as a place to avoid as a tourist. Further, on a dirt road to a parking area. From there, a gravel path into a grove of trees, where Sweden's lowest point is located.

A position shows how far down 2:41 meters below sea level is. A wavy plate illustrates the sea level. A pennant shows the surface of the water during the floods 2002, 4:56 meters above the lowest point. Kristianstad is protected by embankments, hoping they hold. On sail screens is information about the lowest point and the area "Vattenriket". The lowest point was former a lake bottom. To get more arable land was in the 1860s embankments built in what was then Nosaby Bay in Hammarsjön and one pumped out the water.

I look around in the grove. Some tables and benches are placed. The tables are with chains firmly anchored in the ground. Are they so attractive to thieves? On a birch trunk sits a nest box, with a note on safe6.nu. Later I look up the page, "for men who have sex with men". The box is a condom nest. The lowest point is a place to meet. The box is empty. On the ground lies a mossy shoe. Adjacent is a shaver. It is a lush greenery. The spring bloom. On the ground are many shells. Adjacent is the pulsating traffic on the highway. A trench, where do the water flows? Maybe for drainage?

I sit at one of the entrenched tables and eat my lunch. A man comes, looking at condom nest, and leave again. A couple passes with their dog. A jogger passes on a trail. No more tourists besides myself. I'm leaving. Three cars with people in them are parked on the parking lot. More tourists? It may be, I do not know, I am not waiting to find out.

Is the site hosting the award "Dreary attraction"? Well, I do not really agree with. The place is maybe dreary in itself, but the show and place gives a feeling of a piece of history and Kristianstad problems to lie low. So no, I think it was worth a visit for me.