(Skeviaborg) is an octagonal castle ruins from the 1100s on an islet in Skeingesjön west of Osby. On the site is a meter high remains of the octagonal wall.

September 27, 2015
In Björkeberga south Skeingesjön west of Osby is a narrow gravel road north. It ends at a parking space at a farm with beautiful view of the lake. Go through a gate to the pasture, today without cattle. On the bridge over a stream. Then a sign "Skeingeborg 300 meters" pointing out to a wooded promontory. Continue straight you come to a hand driven ferry over Helge River. Following the path where the sign points to. Out to the cape is a boarded trail.

In the grove is Skeingeborg. An octagonal castle built in the 1100s. Probably torn a hundred years later. Why was it here in the wilderness? It was built under Bishop Absaloon in Lund. Check the trade route of the River Helge? One do not know for sure.

What remains is a one meter high wall of masonry stone. Between the rocks, are small black stones. The walls were probably four meters high. Inside were wooden houses and a vaktpallisad on the wall. Believed. The castle was unknown until 1924th The walls were unearthed and restaurated around in 1950. Some of the rubble is outside the castle. Walk around on the outside. Goes through an opening into the castle. In the opening is a deep hole in the wall. Within the walls, grass grows high among the trees.

Outside are barbecue places. At the lake a little beach. Sitting down and eating plums before walking back.