Bröt-Anunds grav
northeast of Vinslöv is a 21 x 8 meter large dolmen from approx 3000 BC. Bröt-Anund is a fairytale king in the Ynglinga family.

March 23, 2022
Drive through Vinslöv to the road towards Norra Strö At a farm south of the road is a long dolmen, called Bröt-Anund's grave. According to legend, Anund was a Swedish king in the 6th century by the Ynglinga family. He got his name from clearing land and building roads. This type of tomb was built in the Stone Age around 3000 BC, so why Anund should lie here is perhaps difficult to understand. At the road next to it goes to some farms there is space to park the car.

Consists of 20 raised stones, in the middle is a damaged stone coffin. Located near a farm. Two stones are missing on the long sides, a road has passed through the grave. On the inside at the eastern short side there are three stones that may have been a coffin. Outside the short side there is another stone, we use it as a chair and table for our lunch. Daffodils and winter aconite bloom.

A woman comes from the house across the road. She wonders if we are interested in seeing the dolmen in their garden. Of course, gladly. It is a remnant of a rectangular dolmen with a damaged stone coffin in the middle. Many of the stones are gone. It is beautiful with all the scillas in the lawn in the grave. Nice chat.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 56.101457, 13.9588