hiking trail west of Vä. Past ancient monuments and the defense facility Skepparslöv redoubts. These earthworks were built in 1678 during the Scanian War. Beautiful scenery.

25 October 2010: The morning is early when I go on the bus Skånexpressen 1 at Lund Norra tpl. Get off  at Vä E22 outside Kristianstad. Passing through the residential neighborhood to the sports arena and a lighted track. Here is an information sign about Klackabacken. There is a trail marked on the map that passes by the earthworks. Just to follow the trail marked with orange markings. The trail passes other attractions. I walk the trail counterclockwise. Goes into a field. Along the road beside the field is a large rock, Prickestenen. A boulder with large gouges. These bowls were used by giants as food bowls. In the paddock is also an ancient tomb in the form of a dolmen, a rectangular stone arrangement.

Leaving the paddock. At Skepparslöv mill is a car park. The mill is a Dutchman from the 1860s. I leave the trail and walk the road to Skepparslöv church, whose predecessors were from the 1100's. When one in the 1840s built the new church one kept the tower from the old. Returning to the mill continue on the path, which now goes to what I believe is on the embankment of a former railway. Going into the woods for a purpose, where there is a cliff. From the top I can see only trees, but the fall and the sun form a beautiful painting. I return back to the embankment, past meadows, to the north is Skepparslöv church visible. After a short distance on the embankment the trail enter a path up through the woods.

On a hill with a few trees is a well-preserved fortress. A defense works from Scanian War 1675-79, built 22 to 23 July 1678 by Swedish troops to prevent the Danes from breaking the siege of Kristianstad. Well-chosen location with sweeping views of the surroundings. Moat and the earthwork is clearly visible. Take a cup of coffee, sitting on stone fence next to it, and move me in the mind to the night when the fort was built. The Danes gave up the attempt to raise the siege when they saw the earthworks. On the oth side of the paddock is another fortress in a grove of trees. Walk there, the view is here obscured by trees. Lunchtime, sit on a stone wall between pastures and enjoying the sun and today's more peaceful times.

Further on at the path, there should be trenches, passageways between the earthworks. Perhaps there, I not know, hard to see. Nothing obvious to me. Passing through beautiful pastures. At a pond, the view is panoramic. After a stile is a burial mound, with stone edges and slightly eroded. But where does my path go? See no markings. A man with a dog is coming. Ask where the stadium is located. "Over there, that way", i.e. straight from the stile along the edge of the pasture. Right! Crosses the lighted track, into a paddock. The whole Kristianstad plate rests in front of me. Is back where I started.

Dark clouds obscure suddenly the sun. Hurrying through Vä. Buying a cake to take with me home at the Café Sandhem in the shopping centre. Wait in there while a hailstorm passes. After that I take the bus home.