Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Nackarpsdalen and Odensjön

Nackarpsdalen is a valley north of Röstånga. In an cul-de-sac is the deep circular lake Odensjön with steep sides.

25 June 2010: A Midsummer's Eve. Finds online that it's midsummer celebration in Nackarpsdalen at Röstånga 14.00. Many years ago I was there. Train to Stehag, then bus to Röstånga. No sign of any celebration. Well, an hour left. The cafe, which I remember was in the valley  is completely barricaded. A horse in a paddock knows nothing. Walk the gravel path through beautiful deciduous forest to the lake Odensjön. A circular lake, the three sides are steep screes. The fourth is for barbeque. The lake is said to be bottomless, but is measured to be about 20 meters deep. The swimming platform in front of a shelter is crowded. It is probably on the platform there is the annual concert. Sitting down on a bench, with wine, a salad, water, and strawberries. After dinner a walk around the lake counterclockwise. There is a bridge across the lake's outlet, then a lumpy path between the slopes and the lake. Remarkable lake. Origin? Meteorites, volcanoes? Think Ice Age behind it. Beautiful it is. Returning to the meadow in Nackarpsdalen, the clock is half past two. Not a soul here. Walk Nackarpsrundan instead, starting along the pasture with cows and horses, to a rest stop at the highway, then up the slope in the deciduous forest on the valley's western edge. Walk up on the slopes above Odensjön, which can be seen beneath the branches. Walk Skåneleden to the hostel at Röstånga inn. Just before the hostel is a path with different trees, 'Nackarpsdalens arboretum'. The hostel is booked for the weekend by a number of families, they know nothing about the Midsummer celebrations in Röstånga. Have their own celebrations. Going home without a celebration. The next day I have my own little maypole and eat strawberries. On the web (same page) says that Midsummer is at 13.30 at the farm Nedangården in Röstånga. How can I have read so wrong?

Kultur i Natur värdens vackraste konsertsal?
Röstånga gästgivaregård