a valley in Klåveröds recreation area on the ridge Söderåsen, with breathtaking chimney-like rock formation.

April 29, 2012: A dirt road leads down to the pond in Klåveröds recreation area. It ends at the parking lot at the pond. Walk the road west along the pond. Comes to a picnic area. Gere one once a year build and demonstrate how a charcoal kiln works. Follows Skåneleden the Chimney Valley (Skorstensdalen) . A good path through a short valley with cliffs and steep slopes. The name has it by the chimney-like free-standing rock that stands in the valley. The less hard rock that surrounded it have eroded away over time. I am no mountain climber, so I clamber up the slope behind to see if one can jump to it. No, I would not dare, far too long and high. Go down further up the valley where it is not so steep. It is a pretty wild landscape to be in Skåne, with rocks and small valleys. Continue on the path through the woods, where the beech leaves have begun to show up. A babbling brook invites to a break. Adjacent to the stream do Wood-sorrel bloom. Then follow the red track past the ruins of a cottage and back to the pond.

Along the way to Stenestad opened last year Klåveröds hostel and cafe. Stop for a coffee. It is a renovated farm, it is fresh and nice, with a nice hostess. A cup of tea, blueberry muffins, and a look at the pretty pictures in books about Söderåsen.