Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Highest point

11/4 2009: I say hello to a horse. I walk on the gravel road past Magleröds farm. I ask two women with a dog, where I can find Skånes highest point. They do not know so well, somewhere behind the grove at the tower. I follow the road past the grove, after it is a field. I cross the field towards the tower, which is in the forest in the corner of the field. In a small thicket, is a rugged stone. An illegible wooden sign is hanging there. Another and legible sign announces that this is Skåne's highest point: 212.2 meters high. Behind the stone is a half destroyed defence of sandbags. Not much of a defense. I sit down on the stone, and offer it coffee. It has difficulties to swallow it. My croissant has become two-dimensional. I look out over a non-existent view. I return over the field to the road. In the bushes is a barely legible hand of wood pointing to the highest point. It will be hidden in the greenery of summer.

Read more about my hike on Skåneleden, Vargadalsvägen - Klövabäcken, passing Skånes highest natural point (in swedish).