Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Finstorp

22/3 2009: I drive to the Finstorps recreational area on the southern slope of Söderåsen just north of Kågeröd. There are several parking lots to choose between. I begin by going out to the stone Tostastenen. The tradition was that one went to the stone after having coffee at the café that was here before. It is wet and knobby, spruces has been harvested or fallen for a storm. I go further on a path 'gröna gången', i.e. the green path. It takes me past a table where one can rest, then into a valley with deciduous forest. A brook gurgle, I try to take me to but it is rugged and wet. I give up the project. I pass a road and follow after a while a small brook. Much of the spruce are gone. At the farm ruin at Gröna gången (green path) is it an open area. The path is not green today. I end up at the fishpond, where there is a shed for barbequing in. Mallards objects to my presence. I walk on the dam embankment, sit down at a table and eat my lunch consisting of sandwiches with fried herring and onions. I continue on the path through the deciduous forest along the dam, and over the road to the bird pond. I try to walk around the pond on the eastern side, but it is too rugged. On a tree sits a note: 'I need you', it says. I embrace the tree, go back and take the path on the other side of the pond to the bird tower. There are no birds to watch. I drive home via Halmstad, where I visit the church. The organist invite me to tonight's concert, but it is several hours there. Unfortunately I have to say no.