on Söderåsen, steep cliffs of seemingly stacked boulders, a chimneylike rook and a small cave in which at a distance the fair Skogssnuvan (the siren of the woods) lives. She can distort the minds of young men.

June 26, 2018:
Drive up Söderåsen from Kågeröd. At the top of the hill you drive to the right towards Klåveröd's hiking area. After a few kilometers there is a parking at a windshelter on the left side. A car is there. Follows the red track to a gravel road. Take to the left and walk the gravel road to Skåneleden. Follow Skåneleden to the left into the forest. Past stony sides. At a crosspath there is an arrow "Snuvestuan". Follow it. It descends steep down, a rope is there to support. Steep rock wall to the right. It is used to climb.

Snuvestuan is a hole in the mountain. Provides protection for rain and a fireplace can provide heat. Outside there are benches and a fireplace. A bit away is a rock as a chimney. With some effort you can go up the slope to it. Down small Danes come jogging. They wonder if it's Skåneleden they follow. They have come wrong. No, turn back and find Skåneleden again. Sliding down and we take coffee outside the cave.

Going up after the coffee up the stairs. Following a slope up on the top of the steep cliff. A little dizziness up there. Going the same way back to the parking lot. Stop by at the ponds Finstorpsdammarna on the way down from the hill to Kågeröd. Beautifully.

April 29, 2012: The car park at the red track in Klåveröds recreational area is full of motorcycle people. Go past the windshield and follow the red track on Vargadalsvägen. At a rest stop, we take left into Skåneleden, it is signposted Snuvestuan. The beech forests, past rocky cliffs and marshes. The path leaves Skåneleden. Coming to a staircase that goes steeply downhill. Steeply rises a cliff. Down there is a barbecue in front of a cliff, at the bottom of the cliff is a shallow cave where live the siren of the woods. A beautiful woman who easily get a young man to fall in love. I'm not young anymore so I go for sure, the best so, she is not always kind.

There are more people who are out walking, a couple of passes with Hoffmann's "Circular walks Söderåsen" as a guide. A short distance away stands a chimney-like rock. You can with a little effort get up and out on it. Oops, it's a bit thorny up here, tripping on a branch. Manages to avoid falling down. It's high up, it had not been so good to fall here, so small people look down there. Going towards the cliff Snuvestuan, steep but you can go down beside the cliff. We take our lunch at the barbecue area in front of the cave, then go back.