Klöva hallar
a valley in the north side of Söderåsen, not as known as Skäralid but equally fascinating and beautiful.

October 30, 2016
Sets the car on a car park decorated with autumn leaves. Next to Skåneleden. Have read that it's a nature reserve, but finds no information about it. A view tower of stone looks straight into the forest. Skåneleden follows the hill on a trail sprung with autumn leaves. In the beginning, muddy, the leaf cover protects. At some places you look over the valley.

Still the autumn colors are lit. Hiking on the edge towards the valley. Through beech forest. Some up and down. Treacherous with all leaves on the ground. Roots and rocks can not be seen. Colorful autumn work. Family with children have cakes. Company with dog walks down the valley.

We continue past the path towards the shelter Krika forest. A lovely autumn day. Leaves the valley. Over an open surface, deforestation? Through forest. Between fence and stone wall. Through forest to the gravel road past Klöva mill. You do not see much of the mill. Enter the path before Klövabäcken.

Turns back. Good lunch in sunny glow, just after a brook. Hikers pass. At the deforestation, mountain biking cyclists come forward. Return to the car after about 9 km of beautiful hiking.

17/10 2010:
Walk in the valley. Visit on Soffebacken.
I fetch G and Z at the railway station in Teckomatorp. A cat follows our activities. Drive over the ridge Söderåsen via Stenestad to Klöva hallar. Once a popular recreational spot, which burned down in the 70s. The terrace has been restored, one house and the dance hall was rebuilt by a community association. Here is also a car park. Follows Skåneleden up through the valley. Go out on a plateau overlooking the valley. Autumn colors begin to decorate the trees. Continuing along the trail, make room for a horse rider. Passing through beautiful forest on rolling hills. The path let us through a birch grove. In many places it has sweeping views of the rift valley, in the north to the plains. The slopes of the valley are glowing in the autumn sun. The trail continues through pleasant forest on the edge of the valley. The tree trunks stand tight. A path leads down to the creek in the valley. We ask a couple where it leads. They have walked down in the valley from Klöva hallar. We go down. Meet two men, one who lives nearby and can the valley from the inside and out. Talks about some attractions. A bit further down is a path to a cave. Walk there, passing over a screes, somewhat slippery and steep. The cave is a crack in the rock. On the other side, the valley extends up to the cliff Soffebacken. Walk down to the creek where we have lunch, lush greenery below the Soffebacken precipice. Maybe go back down to Klöva hallar here? Well, probably difficult for the dog. Goes up again, through the beautiful beech forest. Meet a family with dogs, we ask how far it is to go to the Skåneleden shelter Krika skog? Not far we are almost there. We find the path through the forest to the windshield which is a few hundred meters from the trail, at the edge of a meadow. Alongside is a shelter with tarps. A dirt road leads here. A few cars are parked there. We return to our car.

Drive carefully towards Stenestad, it is a narrow winding steep road. "Outlook" it says on a sign. There is a kind of parking. Walk a hundred meters into the woods, coming to a creek and views of the autumn colors down the valley from a cliff. Drive a short distance further. "Soffebacken" is it written on a homemade sign, pointing into a barred forest road. There is space for the car. Damned, a stone. Hope the car survived. A cyclist stops. "It is a hit deer on the road, it's still alive, what do you do?". You should call 112, I think. Walk there to look after it. A hunter is already there and has just killed it. Poor deer. The person who drove over it then only drove on. Follow the forest road, go right at an intersection, a grass road  which become a path. Coming up to the valley, it is difficult to see if we are on top of Soffebacken. It is said that many come here for climbing. We look at the view, then walk back to the car. Drive G and Z to the railway station in Landskrona, then home.

Klöva hallar