dramatic valley with scree on Söderåsen. Easy walk through the valley. Here is it said the last wolves in Skåne lived in the 1830s. Maybe they're on their way back?

April 29, 2012: Vargadalsvägen passes through the Wolfes valley (Vargadalen) in Klåveröd recreation area. Parking can be done at the parking at the shelter on the red track along the highway from Stenestad. Then follow the red track through the forest to Vargadalsvägen. Alternatively, just east of the parking lot, you can turn into Vargadalsvägen and park a bit further up the road at a picnic table and an information board. Up to the picnic table, it's a dirt road through an open hilly area and a valley. According to the map of the area is here the actual valley Vargadalen, without paths, but where the road continues past the picnic table it is easy to walk and fine with scree at the road.

After the picnic table is the road blocked, and you can continue with an easy walk go on gravel path. In the past it was possible to driver there. In order to fully enjoy the valley, walking pace is still best. One get soon to where rocks and scree line the road, interleaved by lush forest. On one side are rocks covered with moss, on the other the stones are bald and wild. Scree is from the post-glacial period when large and frequent temperature fluctuations blasted the rock.

After one kilometer of gravel path one leave the wild and comes to Sjöbovägen. Either one turn back here or continues and turn into Höjehalls road and then the trail up on Höjehall with an observation tower, one of Skåne's natural highest places. So do we.