Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Glumslöv hills

29 November 2009: The weather forecast predicted rain, but it clears up. Bikes to the station and take the train to Glumslöv north of Landskrona. Under the railway and highway (E6) is a walking/bicycle path. Coming up to a lay-by, with a large number of trucks. Bypasses a shop, three restaurants (Taco bar, the tavern milestone, and Burger King). Milestone tempts with lunch buffet, do not fit in with my day today.

South of the lay-by is an area of grave mounds. Not as popular as the lay-by, I am the only one that interest me for it. An information board tells about the place. Here are the megalithic tomb (passage graves) from Neolithic times (3600-3200 B.C.) and burial mounds from the Bronze Age (1800-1000 B.C). Beyond the sign is a one of the burial mounds. I walk over as it seems a recently cut meadow, and walk up on a mound. From there, I have a view: Northbound the lay-by, in east is the  Skåne agricultural landscape, in west Öresund with the island of Hven, in the south are several burial mounds. Along the highway is a passage grave, I walk there. The walls are there, but the roof is gone. South of it is another passage grave, also without the roof. I walk around among the burial mounds. Go up on a centrally located, looking out towards Öresund. In the south lies several burial mounds in the arable land. Towards east is a big one. In the north are the mounds near the lay-by.

It is getting darker, I'm going back to the station. On the train is an acquaintance with his dog. We go to my home, eat dinner and drinking coffee.