Brödåkra gravfält
is located in a forest grove between Sireköpinge and Kågeröd. Among other things, there will be two stone circles and a stone ship. Overgrown, beaten and difficult to find. We found one stone circle.

February 27, 2019
Drive from Sireköpinge towards Kågeröd. In the forest to the right before Brödåkra there should be a ancient burial ground. Park on a grassy area in the village. Going back the road. To the east into a rutted forest road. It has probably been felled here. Very much sly in the forest. The burial ground should be in the northeast corner. Goes into the forest through the sly. In some place wetland. Looks for finding something like stone circle and stone ship. Some stones that appear to be random. The ground is in some place rutted by machines, seems to have been a good while ago. The tracks have been overgrown again. In the north is a kind of embankment against arable land. Sitting on a stone by a tree. Drink coffee and read in the book about ancient monuments. Hm? Where? Wait. In front of us are several stones, counting to nine including our coffee stone. Sly hides some, but a clear stone circle. Not quite but almost. Looking for stone ship and other stones. Hopeless. Wild boar has grubbed. Going out on the open ground in the north. Follows the forest edge back to the car.