Djurparken i Helsingborg
on a gravel path past e.g. parrots, cockatoos, reptiles, flamingos, lemurs, kangaroos, and small monkeys that steal the cookies from the café guests.

July 14, 2013: I take the train to Helsingborg and the a city bus out to the zoo. Pay 100 SEK in entry fee. This weekend is the "Nordic live koishow 2013". I've never heard of koi, a carp fish bred to beautiful colors to have in the ponds. It is organized by the association koigalen (koicrazy), one must be crazy to deal with it. Beautiful fish swimming around in small plastic basins. Have an interesting chat with an exhibitor, he has a pool in the garage instead of a car. Most are hobbyists, but there are also those who breed and sell. The most expensive cost 200 000 SEK. Beautiful they are but not at that price for me.

Go instead and visit the goats. One may go into the pasture, popular among kids. Much of the park are birds of different varieties and colors. I have a friend with me who know a lot about parrots, I know nothing. Many are very social as the galah. It's not just birds, a bunch of curious lemurs studying the visitors. A house with idle reptiles and insects. On a leaf, a group of poison dart frogs are settled down. If this particular species is poisonous and used to dart poison I do not know, but I 'm not going to touch them.

More colorful parrots in an aviary. Is an orangery with butterflies and a Chinese alligator who suspiciously looks at me. The aisles continue past aviaries and ponds. Kapybaror or water pigs, originating in South America and is the world's largest rodent, resting at his pond. Prairie dog eat vegetables. It is not a dog but a squirrel. A pond harboring a flock flamingo. In the pasture next door shows some stately crowned cranes up in their head crowns, they belong in southern Africa. Acquaints us with a Sulphur-crested cockatoo and a red-tailed black cockatoo. The names says something about how they look. They seem sociable, they shout disapproval when we finally leave them. They soon get a new crowd.

Continue past the playground and the children's zoo, we're not kids anymore so we skip it. The kangaroos are a somewhat anxious, probably because of the sound of the koi exhibition. Small monkeys (whose name I can not remember) are fed with bananas to children's delight. Sweet small ones, I mean the monkeys. It's time for a coffee at the cafe, which attracts with homemade. A sign warns that the monkeys can pick some of the goodies. We sit down inside, not for the risk of theft, but because we feel ruffled after the tour in the chilly wind.

When we leave the park a cat sneak in. Is it on bird hunting?

Djurparken i Helsingborg