Torrlösa kyrkoruin
with the Thottska tomb. There was buried Sophie Brahe, Tycho Brahe's sister and co-workers. When the new church was built, the old church was demolished besides the tomb. About twenty years later the tomb was demolished and the corpses was buried somewhere.

January 19, 2020
Drive from Ask towards Svalöv. Two kilometers before Svalöv lies Torrlösa. Park at the church. Further along the road towards Svalöv lies the old church, now a desert cemetery. The interesting thing about the old church is the tomb that was built in 1614, the Thottska tomb. When the new church was built in the 1840s, designed by Brunius, the old church was demolished except the tomb. The Thott family was the owner of Eriksholm, today Trolleholm castle. In the tomb were buried among others Sophie Brahe, Tycho Brahe's esteemed sister and co-workers. Sophie was married to Otto Thott. More in the Thottska family got their place there.

In 1862 farmers got "the idea that the old tomb should be demolished, preferably it was possible to use the lime farming in the fields". So was done and the inventory was sold. The bodies was worn out and buried here and there, Sophie somewhere outside the tomb. Today there is no trace of them. If this is not stated on the information plate. My source is Mandelgren's text about The Old Grave Choir in Torrlösa in the Swedish Forensic Society's magazine No 1 1870. Today, none of the church and tomb remain. Stones mark the site of the tomb. There is a memorial stone on the Thottska tomb and an almost unreadable memorial stone on Sophie Brahe. On one side are old tombstones. At the edge of the cemetery are younger tombstones in a row. Otherwise there are some remaining headstones.

Walk a round at the new church. A nice stone church. In the cemetery is a younger grave monument to the Thottska family.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.910758, 13.139369