Tomatens hus
northeast of Landskrona. Tomatoes in greenhouses with shop and cafe with homemade food and cakes.

May 8, 2011: Where the road goes down to Ålabodarna, north of Landskrona, is a parking lot. Adjacent is a stairway down to a sandy beach. The bridge is in not in place, but the life buoy is hanging there. There are small stones in the water to start with, I am wobbling into the water for this year's first swim. A few strokes, it's probably 12-13 degrees in the water. Let the sun dry the body before we drive on through Ålabodarna and Sundvik, then through Glumslöv against Kvistofta.

After a while, is a signpost with "tomato house" shows into a minor road. After a kilometer we come to  greenhouses, a shop, and a cafe with tomatoes as the theme. The cafe is in a nice white little house. Order your food inside at the counter. Selects a tomato pie for 75 SEK and ordinary tap water which one get in a brown bottle. You can sit there, in the garden, or in a glass house. It blows in the country so it will be in the glass house which is a shelter, with views over the fields around it. There are a lot of people, we have to wait for the pie, they had to do more. Really hungry, it feels as small pie, it is good, the tomatoes makes it water sick.

Go to the store. Many different kinds of tomatoes, shapes, colors, and flavors. In the greenhouse are tomato plants, also on sale. It is today rather empty. The owners are afraid of infection in the greenhouse. Buying small tomato big sized tomatoes colorful tomatoes. Assorted varieties.

Need Coffee. Drive to Pumphuset in Borstahusen. Restaurant, art gallery and museum in the old part of what once was a pump house. Today, with semi-figurative paintings by Ingegerd Westin. A coffee and a little cake ends the tour.

Tomatens hus