Glumslöv hills
at Glumslöv. Beautiful views of the sea with sandy high slopes. Traces of the fortifications of Karl XII's fortifications from the early 18th century. On the beach are discarded bricks from the brickproduction.

1April 17, 2020: The goose egg
Puts the car in the parking lot along the road to Glumslöv. Goes down the path between the slopes. Ven can be seen in the Öresund. Just before Rustningshman is a stile into the pasture in the south. On the hill, the Goose Egg, there should be Cowslip. It's dry. Ah, a Cowslip. At the top there will be a fortification from a line of defense in the early 18th century, Charles XII's time. Go up to the top. Pretty overgrown. Can barely see that there may be a fort here, Below the hill is Rustningshamn.

There are a lot of Cowslip, most inside the bush. Blackthorn begins to bloom, beautiful towards the sea and Rustningshamn. Towards the precipice to the sea there are some cowslip. A lot of people that walk Skåneleden that passes over the hill. Below the hill to the south is a small redoubt, barely visible as trees grow on it. We walk on the hills to the south, many cowslip but they are small and dry. We have coffee at the small redoubt.

Goes through an angle walk and the steep stairs down to the beach. Steep slopes stretch up. On the beach are discarded bricks, a memory from the time when brickworks were located here. Walk back on the beach past one of the forts from the Per Albin line (second world war) to Rustningshamn. Over a stile to a pasture with some cowslip. Stands for a while by the water in Rustningshamn. Here it is possible to swim with a little trouble. Too cold today, bathed here October 13, 2018, after the dry long summer. Goes from there, past a forsythia hedge in full bloom, back to the car. People move on the hills. The parking lot is now almost full.

11 July 2009: I take the train to Glumslöv. Go south along the road towards Landskrona to Glumslöv Hills with Hilleshög valleys. Horses graze on the slope of the valley. Along the way is a parking slot. Here is one of many admired view of the Sound and the island Ven. After the car park is a path in the valley down to the Sound. I take a detour up to the crest south of the trail. Up there is a view over the valley and a small mound. On the slope in the north graze cows. The path end at the gravel road to Rustningshamn, here are a few houses. I walk up on a hill in the north to see the view. Then down to the water. In the south, Sandbergen, the sea has created steep slopes. I have once gone along the beach to Borstahusen. Down at the beach, two stone piers is sticking out, between them is a paved shoreline. One can swim here, has made it a few times. Today, water is covered with seaweed. It is also possible to walk on the beach in the north to Sundvik, a few hundred meters away. I have my lunch at the northern stone pier. Today I go on the trail up on the hill, have never been there before. It is a lush walk, grown up towards the steep slope to the seaside, in an opening is a view north towards Sundvik and Ålabodarna. A maturing rape field line the path towards inland. Passing through a forest strip and I am in Sundvik. Previously, there was a café on the hill on the way to Glumslöv. To my disappointment, it seems to have ended. From the road I have a good view to the north, far away is Helsingborg visible. In Glumslöv I go to the church and visit the poet Gabriel Jönsson's tomb.