dolmen from about 3600 BC in a field beside the highway just south of Gantofta. Consists of three boulders supporting a roof blocks.

December 1, 2013
Takes the train Pågatåget to Gantofta. Walking through the village to the main road south. Just outside Gantofta, out in a field, is a dolmen from about 3600 BC. Along the road is a small parking lot, big enough for one car. A sign tells about the grave type. These graves were covered with soil and grass. Over the years, the soil is gone, and it remains the stones. The dolmen has in three directions boulder walls, on them rests the roof blocks.

The field is plowed, I use a wheeltrace of going the few meters to the dolmen. Roof block, two blocks, but it is probably the original cracked. It appears to be unstable, resting on a few points. But that's how stable as it can. Yet it feels unsafe to crawl into. On the top side of the roof block, there should be carvings. Difficult to see, even though I go up on a one of the side stones.

Fascinating with these funerary monuments of the past. Even after death, one wants to show that he was somebody. Now since long forgotten. I leave the dolmen and go on the way to visit another noteworthy historic landmark, grinding grooves.