Hovs hallar
between Båstad and Torekov is a coastal area with dramatic rock formations and rubble.

August 1, 2012: I feel almost ashamed, I've never been at Hovs hallar. Today it is time for a visit. The place is known for its beauty, and that some scenes in Ingmar Bergman's film "The Seventh Seal" was filmed there, the knight playing chess with death. My brother in law is kind and drive. "You have to be there early, parking becomes full quickly." We are there relatively early, the parking lot in front of the restaurant is almost empty. From the parking area, is a steep bumpy path down to the rocky shoreline, with large rubble fields. It is a habit to build a small cairn. It is full of them. I'm building a small cairn, others build better. From a rock jump some young people into the sea. I would never dare. On other rocks climbs children and adults.

Rauk, laid-off high cliffs, is sticking up. There are steep slopes down to the beach. Plants find their living space among all stones. It is a barren and dramatic landscape. It's not easy to walk around the rocks and cliffs. A tank from Skåne Line did one manage to build here during second world war. I walk up and follow the cliff edge. Looking out over the sea and rauks. On the horizon stretches Halland Väderö.

It's time for lunch, drive to Torekov and eat fried herring in harbor kiosk Piraten. Make a visit to the place where St. Thoras church was. It burned, like much of Torekov, 1858. There are some graves and remains of the wall.