Utväilnge - Jonstorp
a hike along the coast, through cow and sheep pastures, past the bird sanctuary Rönnen, suspension bridge over Görslövsån.

23 August: Utvälinge - Jonstorp, 11 km
Utvälinge, Skeppsvägen, where we go off bus 225. Going down to the former brickworks. Last time I was here, you could go into. Today the gate is locked. We walked Vegeåleden, trail along Vege å from Strövelstorp to Utvälinge. From here you can then go through Kronoskogen to Ängelholm.

But where to start Kullaleden? We are probably on the wrong side of the brickworks. Walk a gravel road in Utvälinge, turn off towards the footbridge out to Sandön. Out there are bathing and rich birdlife. On the bridge, which I understand is only in place during the summer, a group of children who nets in the water. We do not go over, but continue on the gravel road through the community. The trail leads onto a path at the reed belt of the sea. Trail marks are on poles, on some stands signs to bus stops and coffee symbols. Coffee symbol is found in Norra Häljaröd and pointing to Albertsgården up at the old road. We go there, it's lunchtime and we have ordered some sandwiches to avoid having to carry food. Read more on my site about Albertsgården.

The walk continues on the path along the reedbed to the sea. Soft surface to walk on. Coming up to a stile to pastures at Rönnen. Rönnen is a bird sanctuary with access forbidden entire year. Many geese out there. What I can see through my small binoculars is is most barnacle geese. The cows ruminate placidly, and let us not interfere. It's like walking on a lawn. We leave the pasture via a stile. On the trail through a grove of trees until Häljaröds port. Here are beautiful houses, some of them with stunning sea views.

Coming to a gate to the pasture, the trail rounds the pasture on a dirt road past a luxury home with natural garden. Onto a gravel path through "Jungle Forest," as it says on a sign. Inside the forest, are pebble field, perhaps from the time when the country was lower after the ice age weight?

Before Farhult bath, the path is on those pebbles, past a small marina, until the grass-covered dunes at the bath. The beach is almost empty. Kullaberg is visible at the horizon in the west. In Farhult we have a short break at the cafe Solvik which, however, is closed. Walking through the village, turns into a lawn, the path goes along the paddocks. A pasture is passed through the gates, and in at is something that has been a shooting range with a shed. At the shed is a picnic table. Where the trail curves into the path along the pasture is on the map a shelter. Do no see any, see no reference. Or is it the little house that stands there, does not look like that, or are we searching bad. (It's the shed at the shooting range that has been renovated for overnight stay.)

Between the gates of a two-meter wide cow path is trodden ground of hooves and can probably be muddy when wet. The trail continues beyond the fence under tree branches. A bridge over a stream, then the gate into the pasture. Cows and frisky bull calves meets us at the next crossing with gates. We follow slavishly trailmarkings on the fence, even if one can cross the pasture, to the gate out of the pasture. Then walk between reeds and fencing, a gate that takes us to the bridge over Görslövsån. A beautiful suspension bridge. On the stairs up is a maximum of 5 persons 450 kg, the bridge stands up to 5 persons 400 kg. What about weight? The bridge is secured in large concrete foundation. For safety's sake, we go over individually. We remember long bridges in the mountains. The most impressive I've seen is the bridge is over Vuojatädno on Padjelantaleden.

A gate takes us into a pasture again, where cows and sheep coexist. A flock of sheep walking on the line over the field. The trail follows the sheep and cow tracks towards Jonstorp. When we arrive at Jonstorp raise a flock of geese over the water and circle around before landing again. A kind of greeting? On the way to Jonstorp becomes a grasshopper/biter(?) in love with me. I must reject courtship. In Jonstorp we take the bus to Höganäs for transportation home.