coffee house in 1800-century farmhouse in Norra Häljaröd in Kullabygden.

August 23, 2013
Almost exactly to the day 20 years ago, my mother was on a bus trip in Kullabygden. They drank coffee on Albertsgården. She sent a postcard with Albertsgården on it which has since been sitting on my bulletin board. The postcard has been sitting there as a reminder to make a visit, but I've never been there. One day a friend postcard, he had been there several times, and suggested a visit. Today on a hike on the trail Kullaleden between Utvälinge and Jonstorp is it time for the visit.

The coffee house is located at the old road, a few hundred meters from the trail. We have ordered sandwiches for lunch, normally they have cakes. It has changed a bit since the postcard, a hedge surrounds one lawn. Inside it is the old style. The weather is nice and warm in the sun so we sit in the shade in the yard. It flaunts of vegetation in pots. Coffee, water, sandwiches, and a cinnamon roll. A cake you have to try, it's known as coffee house. The cinnamon roll is excellent. They have just opened for the day, and we are the first guests. During our lunch some more come.