at the shore near Glumslöv. A brick beach reminiscent of the time when there were a large number of brickyards.

December 7, 2014 Brick beach
The weather forecast says rain for the afternoon. Drive early to Sundvik north of Landskrona. Along the coast between Landskrona and Helsingborg was not so long ago many brickworks, including at Sundvik.

Park in the parking lot by the road to Ålabodarna. Towards land are traces of the pits to the brickworks. On the beach at Sundvik is a variety of brick from that time. A brick beach. Covered with by the sea beautifully polished bricks. The erosion exposed edge show new bricks for grinding. It blows strongly. The waves hitting hard against the shore. It rustles among the bricks.

The rain has come earlier than expected. Swim platform from the pier in the harbor do not inspire for a bath. The pier will be a shelter for a break. Adjacent blooming marigolds. Feels strange in December. In the south rise the cliffs at Glumslöv's hills. Chilly, windy, rain, go to the car's protection

The bricks are covered by shore protection, not allowed to take any.