Sliprännorna i Gantofta
in a ravine in Råå river valley south of Gantofta found on the sandstone walls of a large number of grinding grooves, whose origin is debated. Grinding gears, ancient cult acts, ...?

December 1, 2013
Taking the train to Gantofta. Walk the road south in Gantofta. Meets a couple with a dog and ask them if there is a path to the grinding grooves. No, it's probably in places difficult to walk, and wet holes. Best to walk the highway. I still go some distance along the fields. With a little determination, you can maybe go there. Take the road, and makes a visit to Gantofta dolmen.

Approximately one kilometer south of Gantofta is a narrow dirt road to the east, with a pretzel and sign "grinding grooves". After rain and agriculture is the road wet and muddy. At its end is a grove of trees and a small place to park. A path goes into the grove, a sign tells of grinding grooves. The conclusion is that we do not know their origin, when and why. But they are made by people. Similar grinding grooves are in more places, including in Viken north of Helsingborg and on Gotland.

If you follow the trail a few meters is a staircase down into a ravine. The staircase ends at a sandstone wall full of grinding grooves. Named after the theory that the grooves arose when grinding tools and weapons. Even the upper part is filled with grooves. All is horizontal and with a shape like wheel made them. It is mixed with doodles of recent date. A short distance away on the trail is a small wall with grooves. There are probably more covered by the soil. Over the trail lies fallen trees.

I get up and follow the land route along the gorge down to the railway. Hoping to go back down there. It is considerably wet with mud holes. Barbed wire prevents passage. Goes back to the grooves and have lunch. Walk up me on top of the cliff with the grooves and looks over the creek valley. One can probably get up on the other side and follow the edge of the fields. My back hurts, hurts badly when I walk. I choose the safe road and go back to the station in Gantofta.