Grinding grooves in Viken
sandstone rock with large number of grinding grooves. The origin is controversial: the farmers have in recent times grinded their tools, or maybe in the Stone Age it was used to grind stone tools.

April 22, 2011: Viken center. Here I go off the bus. West of the road is a lawn in a residential area, at the other end is a sandstone outcrop. I walk the bicycle path to it. At the rock is a sign. It surely would have been able to tell something, but the weather has made it unreadable. It's one big rock and two smaller ones. On them is a large amount of grooves. There is an argue about how they have arisen. Local tradition says that farmers have achieved them as they grinded gear in relatively recent times, another interpretation is that they are from the Stone Age when one also sharpened tools and weapons. Just south of Gantofta at Råå river is also grinding grooves, but these seems different. There are also several places on Gotland, a little different also, I think. I do not know exactly. In the mid-sized outcrop are clear grooves. On the smallest, it is even fewer. Behind lies a playground. A family arrive, children swinging happily indifferent to the grinding grooves. In the main outcrop are also a few holes, maybe natural. Someone has carved text, perhaps contemporary. I do some close study of some grooves. Feels soft and comfortable. I walk back towards Viken on the lawn.