Landskrona citadell
is a well-preserved fortress from the 16th century. It has also been used as a prison. Is a popular recreation area.

May 29, 2011: Train to Landskrona, trolley bus to Rådhustorget. At the Kasernplan is a flower street. In the park at the art gallery lies plump Venus. Goes over the outer moat and through earth ramparts that surround citadel. Goes past a yellow house Gula Kasernen, yellow barracks, built around 1740 for soldiers. Today it is used as a residence. Coming to the inner moat of the castle itself. The Danish King Christian III built the citadel 1549-1559 as a defense fortress.

During the Scanian war 1676 occupies the Danes the citadel, the Swedish commander surrender and will later be executed for treason because he capitulated. It has over the years been rebuilt and added. For a while it served as prison. Today it is used for conferences, celebrations, and meetings.

I walk past the Kronobageriet, this was a once bakery, but the current building dates from the 1930s. Nearby is Underofficersbostället, a guard-house with jail facilities. Go over the bridge to the castle and into the courtyard. The west side is adorned with buttresses. Go up the stairs to the north wall. A gull makes me company. Towards the courtyard, I look out towards the Commander's wing, prison tower, and the hospital wing. Their function has varied but the names have with the as prison to do.

In one of the corner towers is a gallery, closed today. A handicraft. Also closed. The only thing that is open is a room with information about the citadel. There is also a photo gallery with portraits of prisoners from the time of the prison. One can walk around the building on the outside of the building, so I do it. Goes on bridges over a few water channels between the wall and moat.

To the northwest is a cafe in a yellow building, Materialgårdsbyggnaden, Whynot cafe. Owned by Lars Flinckman, known from After Dark, he also has Flinckman's cafe in Sireköpinge. A little different style here, more plush in any way. Coffee and lemon cake with whipped cream. 61 kronor. One can sit plushy inside, or outside in the yard. Beautiful weather so it will be out with the Citadel in the view. A tree sparrow appears, "may I have some?" wonder it. We share the cake. It gets the last piece.

Leaving the cafe and go up the wall behind. Cannons are ready. Today peaceful, a pigeon is sitting on one of them. At the cafe are one playing boules. From the embankment, I have a great view of the moat. I walk round the Citadel. A man is fishing in the moat. Goes past the Gula Kasernen to Officersflyglen, the Officer Wing, built in the 18th century as an officer housing. Behind is a red half-timbered house of brick from the end of 18th century, once a forge. Last stop and I go home.

Landskrona castle, Sylve Åkesson
Citadellet and Gråen, Regionmuseet in Kristianstad (pdf-document)