Krapperup castle
castle north of Höganäs of medieval origin, including beautiful park, cafe, art gallery, shop and museum.

March 31, 2013: It's Easter and art rounds are in full swing. We get off the bus at Krapperup castle. Around the yard is an art gallery, museum, another gallery, shop and café. The tree in the center of the plan is adorned with feathers. Starting with the gallery where Gunilla von Werder exhibit facial masks, Ritva Karlsson bird sculptures, Jonas Lundh paintings. The art gallery is Kullasalongen which is a juried exhibition of different techniques, subjects and artists. Both are varied for eye and brain. It is not in any art round. Coffee time, many choose to sit outside in the sunshine. It is the first day of spring feelings. Choose to sit inside, with an almond and apricot cake with coffee. It is good but the price is slightly high, 50 SEK for the cake 30 for the coffee. This includes of course the environment in the price also. Ends with buying a whole wheat bread in the store. Toilets are located in the south wing. My friend does he should  enter the men's room. After a short while, a woman is running out of from it.

Opening hours and exhibitions in the art hall
Krapperup art hall home page
Opening hours of cafe and shop is found on Öppettider för café och butik finns på
Krapperup castle home page
About the gallery
Gunilla von Werder

Pictures of the park is in my excursion from 2010.

13 June 2010: Krapperup castle. Get off the bus. The castle has its origin from Middle Ages. From that time there is nothing visible, it has since then been rebuilt. Excavations in the courtyard showed how it once looked like. About this is it shown in the museum, pictures shows the history. The castle is private, but the park is open to the public. On the palace's facade is the family coat of arms, the seven edged star. In the ponds swim goldfish. In the park is a copper beech. Walking paths lead through the park. Small bridges cross a stream. At the corner of a meadow have horses their final resting place. Rhododendrons are in bloom. Goes up and down the rhododendron path. Petals decorate the hedges. Go up again through the rose garden to the stable yard. The cafe is housed in a former workshop. Selects coffee and a pastry with fruit mixture. Sitting out on the stable yard. Then goes into the gift shop in the former pig house, now with old furniture and other things. Looking around, including pottery from Wallåkra. There is an electricity cut. 'It is the oven in the cafe' explains the manageress. We discuss the fuses. Purchase a post card. 'That is Maja Gullstrand' says my friend when we leave. Who? I am a big question mark? 'Well-known musicians and fame from the fame factory, she has opened up a shop here'. I know nothing about it, but she seems nice though. While waiting for the bus, we take the path down to Lerhamn. Quickly done.