at Rönneå east of Röstånga. From a rock that is steeply steeped the valley, is a beautiful view. Hepatic below the rock.

April 3, 2021
Easter eve. Park at the parking lot to Djupadal at the canoe center Walk into Djupadal, not much is blooming. No hepatic on the cliff. Leaving and continuing the road over Rönneå, then left onto a gravel road. Follow it, take an insignificant dirt road south. Comes out on a field, follows the stone fence, where a faint hint of a path can be seen. The path connects to Skåneleden, goes through a not yet green beech forest. Slight uphill. There it is, Natthall.

Beautiful view as usual over the meandering Rönne river valley. No birds. We take the path down to the small stream. At trees along the path, Easter eggs are laid out, like a marked path. Resists the temptation to open one. People come walking up to Natthall. We go to under the cliff, it's wet along the precipice there. The reward is great place once you arrive, many hepatica light up. We have our lunch among them under the cliff. Continues under the cliff, it is not easy passable. Trees that have been felled remain. Comes through, then it gets easier. It is safe to easily walk up from this direction. Below, the Rönne river flows. A few hepatica here. Goes back over the tree trunks.

Go the path up to Natthall. The Easter eggs are gone, up at Natthall a large party celebrates Easter Eve. Tables and chairs. Herring and potatoes. There are probably many who celebrate in nature in corona time. As the tradition offers, we walk Skåneleden to the footbridge over the river. Easter walkers pass over it. We go to the car.

March 22, 2019
Parking on the north side of the bridge at Djupadalsmölla. A lot of water in Rönne å. Along the way, the Butterbur begins to bloom After the bridge, we take the dirt road to the left. Then turn off on the dirt road south. Follows the stone wall to Skåneleden. Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem flower. Through the beech forest. Rönne river is flooded. Stays at the view of the valley. Beautiful as usual. We are on our way to the juniper forest, therefore we continue the Skåneleden.

On the way back from the juniper forest, we see that at the large rock blocks, someone has exhibited small wooden trolls or are there gnomes since Christmas? Going down the stream to under the Natthall rock. Wet but accessible. Liverleaf already blossoms! How nice. The water in the valley is high. Start climbing a bit among the rocks. Well, it will be too difficult for me to take me further up. Many liverleafs. Wander back towards the car, with a visit to the footbridge over the river. At the parking lot, we go for a short walk into Djupadal, high water and no livereaf.

April 2, 2018
Easter Monday. Park at the parking lot to Djupadal at the canoe center. Going into Djupadal, does not see much blooming. A few liverleaf on the rocky edge. Leaves and walks over Rönneå, then into the gravel road. Following it comes to a house with dog kennel. Wrong, turns and takes an insignificant path south. Comes out on a field, follows a stone wall, There seems a slight hint to be a trail. The trail joins Skåneleden. The trail goes through beech forest. Weak uphill. There it is, Natthall.

A cliff overlooking the river Rönneå. The river meanders below. It has been cleared, by the end of 2008, the view was almost obscured. Swans, herons, Common goldeney, ducks. The sun shines. Warmest day of the year. Red kite in the sky. Eating lunch. Follow Skåneleden to some big stone blocks. It was moved here by the ice during the last ice age. Want to see liverleaf. Below the cliff it is hot enough. Following a brook, wet, but do manage not to get wet. A little rugged. Liverleafs have opened in the sun.

Returns to the cliff. There are a couple, the man writes on the northwestern passenger's website. This is where I read that there are liverleafs below the cliff. Walking back. Make a detour to the bridge over Rönneå. A bit cranky. The road to Röstånga is turned off. Drive via Riseberga. Stays at the church.

April 20, 2008
I go Skåneleden from Jällabjär to Natthall. After passing a hill with a fine juniper pasture, I take a stile over to a pasture. A great place meets me. A path goes into a beautiful beech forest, large boulders guard the entrance. On top of one of them is a young couple. They practice bouldering and here are some tricky passages. They wonder if I want to try. Me who could barely take me over the stile !? No thanks.

The path goes down and up through the forest. I get a wilderness feeling when a trumpet is heard from above. Two cranes rise up and take north. I stop and follow them with the binoculars. At my last meeting with cranes this way, it was in Skrylle outside Lund three years ago, a muscle went off when I started walking again. The damage prevented me from hiking for two years. Carefully I start walking, it feels good! Cows roar. Quarter in one I am up at Natthall for lunch. A little unhappy I become when I see someone has made a fire on the rocks. Looks awfull. Someone has carved "SL 1/7 1945" (or 1948) on the rocks. Wondering who and why? Today it had been a scribble to do so, now it is old and can be seen as an interesting ancient memory. A couple come walking from Djupadal, they are here to look at the cranes. I tell them I saw them fly away. After eating and having finished I go back to Jällabjär.

The girl is climbing up the stone, it looks vigorous.