Arild - Jonstorp
a ten kilometer coastal walk on the trail Kullaleden over pastures, along steep cliffs with views, rocky beaches, great swimming, and good food.

July 22, 2013: Taking the train 7:26 to Helsingborg, from there the bus to Arild. I'll be there about half past nine. I think it is already hot. Looking me around amongst the picturesque houses in Arild, past the chapel (which I last visited in 2010 on a hike Arild - Mölle) to the port. Walk thence east on the road along the beach. It is a rocky coast, from the cliffs stand jetties out. A self-closing gate takes me into a pasture land, Nabben. Some grazing animals, I do not see any. The path goes on brown burnt grass, the beach consists of shingle so it is difficult to walk on, where Aaron's rod parade. It has been morning fog, the last remnants are still hanging over Kullen to the west. Can walk pathless through the pasture, past low mounds, passing a country lane through self-closing gates.

Continues over an empty pasture. The beach remains rocky with shingle. A jetty go out in the water, children are studying aquatic life. Upward the country are located villas. It's a real summer idyll here. I leave the paddock via yet another self-closing gate. Then a path through a smaller grove. Coming out on a dirt road that I follow to Skäret. One of the forts by Per Albin line guard the coastline. Also Skäret has his little jetty. A dog sitting and looking at where people bathe. It would probably like to have a bath itself, it's hot. Go past the harbor. Rest for a while in the shade of a shed. Look at when one with some difficulty backing down a car with a boat trailer to launch the boat. It is hot. Moving on through Skäret, meet some other hikers in a lively conversation.

Walking through Skäret into and steep up in a forest. Steps and rope are in need. My bad back, has recently had lumbago, makes me appreciate the rope. Go past some houses, until a road. A sign indicates that it is 300 meters to the campsite and coffee, guess the coffee is "Flickorna på, Skäret". I follow the signs to the camp, the camp is at a path through lush trollforest. The camp is occupied by tents and Danes. I talk with them a bit. At the site are shelters, fireplaces, and a house owned by a Danish club whose name I have forgotten. Returning where the road takes me further onto a path above the coast.

The hike offers great views of the cliffs and the sea. Right up there is it lush at the path. Coming up to a pasture, which the trail follows at the edge of a forest and sea views. In some places there are openings and rocky outcrops in the woods where you can go out to get a sea view. The beach has much of the shingle. On a house has one used the stones to a chimney. The path goes on between forest and pasture to a small harbor below Bökebäck. A stile leads into the pasture, here, I see life in terms of a few sheep, a cow, and two canoeists in the sea. Over a stile then trail through the forest until a narrow road at some houses. An old veterancar of me unknown brand, I'm totally ignorant about car brands, is parked beside the road.

The road curves, the trail goes straight through the dense forest. Sometimes you can go out on a rock and get a sea view. Pooh it is scorching hot. Was going to take a refreshing break with the sea breeze at a view. But the sun is blazing and no sea breeze. The path is in places lumpy. The path becomes a better and wider beyond a water-filled former quarry. Remains of rails are visible at the edge of the quarry. Continuing in the edge of a paddock, then the path goes down to the sea. I walk past a jetty, then it brings me to Svanshalls harbor.

It is time for lunch. Overlooking the harbor is Svanshalls tavern. Decide for lunch there. Fillet of plaice sounds good. 3, 5 or 7 hektogram available to choose from. 5 for 198 SEK will be good and it is excellent, with boiled potatoes and butter-fried mushrooms. A refreshing glass of water. It is a warm, sitting in the shade on the porch. They also have a shop with salads and fish dishes. Buys there an ice cream in waffle for dessert. Walk with the ice cream through the village to a jetty. Already hot again, now I have to take a cool dip and get rid of all the dried sweat. Wonderful.

Then follows a roadwalk by Rekekroken, a little sad to go on the road, the road is lined by lush gardens. Also here is a jetty. Tables and chairs are with sea view. Leaving the road for a path to Jonstorps harbor. Then along a pine forest and the sea front to a swimming area with a swim platform from a sandbar. Walk past the swimming area, follow the road. Where the trail goes into a pasture, I take the road to Jonstorps center. Using the toilet at the church and go for a short walk around the church, the oldest parts are from 11 - or 1200s. The Scanian actor Edvard Persson is buried here, but I do not have much time to look for the grave. Go instead to the ICA shop and buy a pint Brämhults juice and an ice cream. Good for hydration. Then comes the bus that takes me towards home.

Svanshalls krog