Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Kullaberg - northeast

23 July 2010: Explore the rocky coast to the west of Arild. Walk to Himmelstorpet, eat a simple lunch there. Follow the blue track over Sadeln, past Håkull, beautiful bogs, to Mölle.

Take the bus to Arild together with G and dog Z. Walks on the streets with picturesque houses. Passing by Arild's chapel, probably a fishers chapel. On the ceiling hangs a church ship, said to be model  of 1700-century sound boats. Moving on to Tussan beach, a rocky beach. Continue on the narrow path along the coast. It is a rocky coastline. Go out at Arilds well, do not look anything like a well. Do not really know how far we go, probably crossing the Röde Hall and up to Tångehallar. Study rock formations. Here we halt. The trail seems to disappear, it becomes difficult to continue with the dog.

Go back and take the red trail to Himmelstorpet, a cottage dating from the 1600s, with a café. Take a sandwich and coffee in the garden. At Himmelstorpet is an ancient monument in the form of a stone circle. Have been there a few times before. We will skip it. From here it is a trail to particular works Nimis/Arx. We will skip it as well.

Goes on the trail, blue track, through forests, over Sadeln with a view, rounding Håkull. Have seen the view from it before, we will skip it as wel. The beautiful Håkull bog, we make a detour on the path towards the Valdemar cave, without going down there. Looks steep. Leave it for another time. Continuing on the path through the forest, up and down. A forest road takes us to the path past the little Ona bog. At Djupadalsvägen  I let off Germans on mountain biking in the wrong direction, mistook the direction. Shame. Walk the road, not really a road, quite overgrown. Walk to Mölle to take the bus home.

5 June 2006: Walk from Arild to Himmelstorpet, blue trail through beautiful forest up over Sadeln, the view from Håkull, the beautiful Håkull bog, past Molle bog, and the red trail on the forest road back to Arild.

Diary notes missing.

1986: Spend a weekend in Arild. Visits include Himmelstorpet, the stone circle, and Nimis,

Diary notes missing.

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