a water-filled quarry north of Ekeby. In search of a 200 million years old warm meal.

May 11, 2015
In Lunnoms quarry north of Ekeby should one be able to see the different sediments deposited 200 million years ago. The entrance is blocked and it is forbidden to park. Drive in to the gravel road opposite and set the car.

Walk the road down to the quarry. It is completely filled with water. Impossible to see some sediment layers. Disappointed. Dead fish floating in the water. A road goes along the edge of the water, follow it. Looking for stone with fossils on the embankment to the water. Ignore the sign "Tillträde förbjudet" (Entrance forbidden). Searches for a particular pattern, digging paths for worms that ate sediments. There! It must be, a decimeter long U-shaped grooves in the stone. Imagine, perhaps traces of a worm for 200 million years ago. Looking for more, find nothing. Leaving the road to walk around the quarry.

Over a red-colored hollow, perhaps much iron here, then over a meadow species poor. On the ground are some bones. Then into a impassable forest. Go here and there along the waters edge. Thickets, ditches, water sick, blackberry thicket. Jumping over a ditch, slipping on the slippery mud at the edge of the ditch and falls. Ouch! My hand under the body. A nasty sprain. Winds the wrist with a scarf. Go out on a promontory, seems to be the remnants of coal. Must continue into the forest. Do eventually return to the road.

The hand hurts, but have the stone with mask track. Having lunch. A lizard basking on a rock. Looking first now on the map. The quarry is shown as a lake.