Rya kyrkoruin
South of Örkelljunga. The church was built around 1200. Abandoned in 1876. The ruins are used for christening and weddings. Beautifully located.

August 20, 2016
Turns off from E4 at Eket. There is the sign "Rya Kyrkoruin". Further onto a narrow dirt road. At the churchyard there is a large parking. There are several cars there. Beautiful song flows out of the ruin. It is practiced before a wedding. Asking if it's OK to walk around and photograph. Yes, please stay over the wedding as well.

The church was built around 1200, abandoned in 1875. It is beautiful as a ruin. Meter thick walls of cobblestones. Wall remnants, two to eight meters high. In the choir there is a single altar with a cross. Benches are installed in the longhouse. In the porch is a basket of flowers to disperse the wedding couple with. Modern bell tower of wood in the west.

A stone wall surrounds the cemetery. Beyond it's a farm and a golf course. In the cemetery there are some gravestones and cross in cast iron. Fine-dressed wedding guests arrive. Drive from there. Meet the priest on his way to the wedding. Coffee and cake at Nya Conditoriet in Örkelljunga,