Ålabodarna - Fortuna
a coastal walk on the shore below a steep slope. Back on a path above the steep slope.

October 17, 2020
A beautiful autumn day. Hot enough to have lunch out at Vallåkra stoneware factory. Then drive on to the car park at the passage gravebefore the hill down to Ålabodarna. It's a weekday so it's pretty empty of cars. Follow the edge of the slopes to the nude bath, as it says on a Per-Albin fort. No one bathing. Goes down to the beach. On the beach are beautiful stones. High up on the edge, there are several who walk, down here we are for ourselves. Pass the next Per-Albin fort, then we turn and go back the same way. Sea rocket blooms.

March 8, 2015
On the hill down to the Ålabodarna, if you come from Glumslöv, is a car park. Adjacent to the park is a passage grave in a field. Recently sealed at risk of collapse. Admire the view from the top of it.

The passage grave is located next to the slope down to Öresund. On the crest on the beach is a path, Havsleden (Sea Trail). That I have gone a few times. You can see the steep stretch of coast to the north. Going down to the beach below. Rocky Beach. Room anyway. In several places, it has been recently landslide.

Nakenbad (Nude beach), it is written in a fort from the Second World War. Not inviting today. In the sea stands a man and fish. Can just pass the fort with dry feet. Swans swimming in the sea. Up on the path we see many who are out walking in the beautiful weather.

Fortuna approaches. The shore is water-grinded bricks. Having lunch with large concrete blocks as backrest. The blocks are probably to protect the shore of a pond. Cormorans sitting on a stone pier. A head fish skeleton with sharp teeth.

Approaches to Fortuna. Turns back. Going up to the crest before the pond. It has probably been a clay quarry to one of the many brickworks that existed here. Take the path on the crest back to Ålabodarna. Meets walkers with giant rucksacks and cyclists.