Saxåns mynning
south of Landskrona, with grazed meadows and rich birdlife. Trespassing is forbidden a part of the year. The area is best viewed from the bird tower.

6 January 2012: Axeltofta colony area, located just after Häljarp towards Landskrona. Turn and follow the road to the end where I park. There was formerly a tunnel under the highway to the bird tower at Saxåns river mouth. But it's gone, "It disappeared in the railway construction," say a nordic walking woman. Instead I have to take road at the shooting range on the other side of the highway. A narrow dirt road takes me to a turning place where I park. The road out to the tower is filled with seaweed and water.

There is a lot of water in the meadows. It is illegal to enter the meadows 1/4-31/7, but it is not possible today either with all the water. Climb up the tower. There is already a man with a telescope. "No birds today," he says. I look out over the meadows, the birds are sitting on small islands far away. In northwest are the cranes in Landskrona harbor. On the horizon a glimpse of Denmark. In the east, noisy cars on the highway. To the south the view is dominated by the dry dock which in a storm last fall tore himself in Landskrona harbor and blew up in the meadows. It is hard aground. Becomes difficult to remove it (one had to dig a canal to pull it out).

The man leaves the tower, and the bikes away. Instead, some men come walking. They are out on a winter inventory, leaving soon to try further south. I stand there for a while, but no birds, no use of my newly bought telephoto zoom 150-500 mm. I leave abd take the coast road. At Löddeköpinge I remember. The tripod! It remains in the bird tower. Turn and drive back. At the turning place sits a man in a car. "There is an eagle on the meadows, you can see it over there through the binoculars." As usual, I forgot the binoculars at home. I'm no good birdwatcher. The tripod is still there.

Because of my forgetfulness I see the beautiful sunset over Öresund.