Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Havsleden

Sea Trail - a coastal hiking Landskrona - Rydebäck, 13 km.

19 September 2009: Train to Landskrona where G connect with the dog. First we visit Landskrona< Art hall with an exhibition 'Citadellbadet and ten other houses' about the architect Gert Wingårdh and his buildings. A nice little art gallery, which often has a nice exhibition.

Then we go to 'line', walk past the Citadel and the former dance palace Strand, and further on the promenade along the Sound to Borstahusen. The Fishing woman has stopped with her fish, and stretches her back. It is empty on the pier 'Cement'. The bathing season is over. The promenade continues to Nedre gatan in Borstahusen, past the campsite, in the distant are the steep slopes at Sandbergen visible, we walk under the pines at Lill-Olas bathing beach. It's a beautiful day, there are more people who are out walking. The path is between the sea and golf course. On the rocks in the water sits cormorants, in the water swims Canada geese. Passes a group of buildings, Sjöhusen.

The trail goes through a forest and along field edges to Sandbergen, erosion has created slopes steeply to the sea. Towards land are the hills Glumslöv backar (Hilleshög valleys). We arrive at Rustningshamn, stone piers sticking out into the water. There was once a brick factory. Before Rustningshamn is one of Charles XII fortifications, built as a defense plant during the time of King Karl XII around 1710. Quite overgrown. Eat lunch as usual on the rocks at Rustningshamn. At my last visit, I went up on the edge. This time we walk the rocky beach strip to Sundvik, from there the road to and through the beautiful Ålabodarna.

There has been a brickfactory here, on the beach are cut bricks.  The fish smoker is open but we just ate. The port is deserted. In a garden, is a cat watching us. Near the parking lot north of Ålabodarna is a well-preserved Passage tomb. From the parking lot, we take the path up the ridge until Fortuna. Southwards, we have a view of Ålabodarna. Nudist bath says it on a Per-Albin fortification. We have a good view of the beach strip, it is also possible to walk down there. The hike ends in Fortuna. Train home from Rydebäck.

There are cultural activities in Lund. 22:00 I see the physics and laser show on Fysicum, a show that should be seen. Experiments on everyday physics, and a laser show. I have written a small program that controls the lasers. The first time I see it in operation. Outside one offer  hamburgers.

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Glumslövs backar
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Picture of the cat in Ålabodarna: see my cat gallery.

Map - Landskrona Hiking trail

At golf course