Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Glumslöv hills

11 July 2009: I take the train to Glumslöv. Go south along the road towards Landskrona to Glumslöv Hills with Hilleshög valleys. Horses graze on the slope of the valley. Along the way is a parking slot. Here is one of many admired view of the Sound and the island Ven. After the car park is a path in the valley down to the Sound. I take a detour up to the crest south of the trail. Up there is a view over the valley and a small mound. On the slope in the north graze cows. The path end at the gravel road to Rustningshamn, here are a few houses. I walk up on a hill in the north to see the view. Then down to the water. In the south, Sandbergen, the sea has created steep slopes. I have once gone along the beach to Borstahusen. Down at the beach, two stone piers is sticking out, between them is a paved shoreline. One can swim here, has made it a few times. Today, water is covered with seaweed. It is also possible to walk on the beach in the north to Sundvik, a few hundred meters away. I have my lunch at the northern stone pier. Today I go on the trail up on the hill, have never been there before. It is a lush walk, grown up towards the steep slope to the seaside, in an opening is a view north towards Sundvik and Ålabodarna. A maturing rape field line the path towards inland. Passing through a forest strip and I am in Sundvik. Previously, there was a café on the hill on the way to Glumslöv. To my disappointment, it seems to have ended. From the road I have a good view to the north, far away is Helsingborg visible. In Glumslöv I go to the church and visit the poet Gabriel Jönsson's tomb.